I fell head first crazy fast into the hole inside your heart. (A micro poem by Rochelle Sharpe.)

Why i write.

I have never felt like writing is a choice for me. It’s something that I have to do. I was born to write. Since I could talk I have been making up stories, and I started writing them down when I was eight. In school I always got top marks for every story I wrote. … More Why i write.

Originally posted on Paula Weston:
While I was Writer in Residence over at Inside A Dog last month, my wonderful Text Publishing editor Alison Arnold and I had this genius idea for a post in which I  would ask her a few questions about editing. We didn’t quite get organised in time to run it…


We had perfection, But we let it go, Now all that’s left for us Is a slow descent into hell. By R.L.Sharpe.