Why i write.

I have never felt like writing is a choice for me. It’s something that I have to do. I was born to write. Since I could talk I have been making up stories, and I started writing them down when I was eight. In school I always got top marks for every story I wrote.

I write for hours a day, and when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. Plot lines and characters take up most of my thoughts for most of the day. Sometimes a character or a plot demands to be heard so loudly that I fade out of this world, which isn’t good when I’m driving or walking around the supermarket and almost crash into people.

Being a writer is what I’ve always wanted, all that I want to do. People have tried to put me down, to say that writing isn’t a real job, that it will never happen. But I don’t listen to them. It may not be highly likely that I become a writer who is self-sufficient from her writing, but it’s not impossible, it does happen, and I have faith and I believe.

I will never give up. And if you have a dream, then you should never give up either. Never stop believing. Because dreams do come true, and one day could just be tomorrow.




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