we may all speak different languages, but pain is universal and tears are spoken by all. (A micro-poem by Rochelle Sharpe.) 

Some advice quotes on how to get published.

“Something of real quality will be recognized somewhere, sooner or later” — Mimi Jones, editor. “Publishers are always on the lookout for a good book. This is something to keep in mind no matter how discouraging the prospect of finding a publisher is, no matter how many rejection slips you get, and no matter how … More Some advice quotes on how to get published.


A word on rejection.

Rejection is a part of being a writer. Lots of writers got rejected many times before they got picked up. Becca Fitzpatrick took 5 years to sell her YA angel book Hush Hush, Wither by Lauren Destefano was rejected 120 times before it was picked up, and even Stephen King was rejected. (His book ‘On … More A word on rejection.


Sadness creeps into my eyes, clamps around my heart, clings to my chest, crawls under my skin, turning me cold. (A micro poem by R.L.Sharpe.)


If my world falls apart, will your arms be strong enough to hold me together? (A micropoem by R.L.Sharpe.)