Review: Magic Under Glass.

Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn DolamoreBloomsbury, 2010
Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore
Bloomsbury, 2010

Nimira’s life takes an unexpected turn when she’s hired by the mysterious Mr Hollin Parry to accompany an exquisite piano-playing automaton. But Nimira’s happiness with her new life style is short-lived. She soon discovers that the spirit of a young fairy gentleman is trapped inside the machine’s stiff limbs. As they gradually fall in love, they become enmeshed in a plot to save the fairy realm from a ruthless gang of sorcerers- a battle that risks their very lives.

This was a truly enchanting and magical story that reminded me of a classic fairy tale.
Once i started reading i found myself falling in love with the story, and could hardly put it down.
Nimira and Erris’s story i found completely unique and Original, and was captured perfectly in this 225 page book, which is smaller than a lot of YA books i read these days.
There is a perfect blend of mystery, intrigue, magic and romance to make this a delightful and enjoyable must read for lovers of fairy tale type romantic fantasies.

If you are looking for a great faery story different from the numerous others out there, then this is for you.

4 out of 5 stars.


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