Crush. A Contemporary Short by R. L. Sharpe.

She stole a glance at him over her shoulder, hoping that she’d catch him looking at her. He wasn’t. His head was down, taking notes, like she should be. She turned back to the paper in front of her and tried to concentrate, but the only thing her pen wanted to write was his name. Stupid pen, stupid hand, stupid crush. Why did she have to fall for a boy who would never even notice her?

She put her elbow on the table and her face in her hand, letting out a sigh. She let her thoughts drift, and of course he was the first thing that came to mind. She thought about his glorious smile, the smile she hoped he would smile at her one day. Then his eyes, his big blue eyes; in her dreams they were always filled with love as he looked back at her. She moved on to his hair.Man, she just wanted to run her hands through his golden, curled locks.
Her hand suddenly slipped out from beneath her and she was jolted back to reality. She looked around, cheeks flaming with embarrassment, hoping no one had noticed. Everyone was busy writing like they were suppose to, she hadn’t even started. Who wanted to think about stupid war when there was love? Even if it was only one-sided.

The bell rung and her heart sunk; they weren’t together for the next period, for the rest of the day actually. She didn’t know how she was going to handle it.
She looked at him hopefully as he walked past, but he didn’t even so much as glance in her direction. Misery washed over her; if only he had looked, had noticed, then maybe…who was she kidding, there was no maybe, no chance at all.
Sullenly she looked back to where he had been sitting. Her misery vanished the moment she saw it, her heart rate sky-rocketing with nervous anticipation. There, on the floor, was his wallet, behind his chair. It must have fallen out of his pocket. She raced over to it, bent down and picked it up, opening it up to make sure it was his – it was! This was the chance she had been waiting for, she finally had a reason to speak to him.

Her stomach became alive with nerves as she raced out of the class room. He hadn’t gotten far.
“Lucas,” she called out. He stopped and turned around. Her heart felt like it might leap right out of her chest as she made her way over to him. “You dropped this,” she told him and held out his wallet.
He smiled at her, like she had always wanted, and she thought she would crumble. “Thanks, Gemma.” As he took the wallet their fingers brushed and, for Gemma at least, sparks flew.
He turned and walked away, heading to his next class. Gemma spun in the other direction, a huge smile on her face. She wanted to squeal. He knew her name! They had touched! She felt like she was going to burst with excitement. She couldn’t wait to find Chrissy and tell her all about it.

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