Review: Glitter Rose by Marianne de Pierres

Twelfth planet press, 2010
Twelfth planet press, 2010

Glitter Rose is a collection of five short stories for adults — 4 previously published, 1 new — by Marianne de Pierres.
Before I talk about the stories, I want to talk about the actual book because I found it just as appealing as the stories themselves.
It is an A5, hardcover book that is personally signed by Marianne. It has black and white artworks before each story, which i really liked. It is everything that makes physical books desirable and would compliment any bookshelf.

The stories themselves were rather short, the whole book is only 121 small pages, so you’ll be able to devour them quickly. The four previously published stories, ‘Glimmer-by-dark, Moonflowers at the Ritz, The Flag Game and Mama Ailon’ are all connected and center around a women named Tinashi.
Tinashi is hoping to leave all her problems behind when she moves to Carmine Island, an Island that has been infected by spores from deep in the ocean.
Ten years ago, a freak storm washed the spores ashore. Their strange phosphorescence brings a glitter rose dusk at certain tides, turning a normal coloured beach into a carpet of tiny, shining, rose coloured grains that cause fierce allergic reactions.
The locals have their own secrets, and as Tinashi is slowly accepted by the locals, she starts to uncover the truth of the Island and the glitter rose dusk.

The stories worked together well and could be read as one novella rather than 4 stories. All have that mystery element, as well as being subtly sci-fi. I enjoyed them all except ‘Moonflowers at the Ritz,’ i just didn’t get what happened in that one.
Through the stories we learn more about Tinashi and why she has run away to the Island, the inhabitants of the island, and the power the spores really have.

‘In the Bookshadow’, the extra, new story from Marianne, was my favorite out of all the stories. It’s a story about a girl who works in a book shop, where the clientele are more than just your regular customers. A crow appears in the shop one day, and what follows changes the girls life forever.
It was short, but clever and well written.

Overall an enjoyable collection. It is available from the publisher for only $20, and they ship overseas.


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