I feel like I’ve run a marathon.

Today I was reading a post from Julie Israel, which you can read at http://julieisrael.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/the-door/ that inspired a short story of my own.
An image came to me that I had to write down. The words started to flow and I just went with it, not planning length or any plot. I was doing a stream of consciousness thing and writing in an experimental form so I couldn’t stop until the first draft was complete. I wanted to write an unclear, but flowing, incoherent story that made sense, like the one Julie reviewed.
It ended up being just over 5,000 words long.
5000 words in half a day. Maybe you do that everyday, I usually do anywhere between 500 and 2000 depending on time constraints. And I usually take maybe 3-4 days to get out a draft of a 5000 word short story, depending how my creative juices are flowing.
So it’s a small achievement for me. I’m pretty proud of what came out, too. I just need to edit it now and think about what I’m going to do with it.I know it’s not going to be a stand alone short and maybe I’ll eventually make a collection out of it? Who knows.

This also got me thinking about inspiration. Inspiration comes from a lot of places, can come from anywhere. It strikes you at any time, day or night, ready or not. I’m just thankful I had the time today to get that first draft out. I find a lot of stories spark ideas for my own. The worst inspiration wakes you in the middle of the night demanding to be written, well that’s what I think anyway, I like my sleep.

OK, just thought I’d share. Loved to hear any of your personal achievements or thoughts on inspiration.


One thought on “I feel like I’ve run a marathon.

  1. Holy monkeys! 5,000 words in a SINGLE DAY? Congratulations!!! 2.000 is usually a struggle for me– even when I know where I want the story to go!

    I’m so glad this happened and even more that it was inspired by something I posted (which, in its own turn, was based on something written by somebody else). Amazing how inspiration can travel like that, isn’t it?

    I hope that, whether this becomes a part of something larger or does eventually stand on its own, you will keep working on it and do something with it. Post a snippet, maybe? Submit to publishers? Power to you! 😀

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