Eye opening advice for writers.

I am always looking for advice from authors as I try to become a published author myself. I think almost ever writer (whether they admit it or not) dreams that they’ll have their book published by a big company, offered a huge advance and become an over night best seller.

The more you read other author blogs, the more you see what the reality of being an author is. Not everyone, even authors published by a big company, is supported by their writing alone, and still have to work part time. And Some of the best books I read have low sales.

I have discovered a great post by Tobias Buckell, a science fiction author, that writers should read on what life is like for a lot of authors. you can check it out at:


It’s worth checking out his other helpful posts while you’re there, which include things like ‘How much is the advance on a first novel’.

2 thoughts on “Eye opening advice for writers.

  1. I always wanted to be an author, but instead of pursuing a creative writing degree or such like to aid that idea I followed science instead. Admittedly I do love zoology so it’s not some huge sacrifice, but I always figured I would need to have something else – even if I did get published…unless I turn out to come up with the next Harry Potter. And let’s face it, that ain’t likely haha.

    1. You don’t need a creative writing degree to write a book. And The beauty of being a writer is that you can do other things beside just writing, and any other thing that you do will help with your writing .

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