Things to come.

I love reading writing tips from authors, they are very helpful things indeed. I was reading some tips last night and thought they’d be good to share with everyone, which sparked an idea. From now on, every Wednesday will become ‘Writing Tip Wednesday’, and I’ll post  writing tips from authors to help us writers out. 

Since this Wednesday is gone, I’ll be starting next week. But for now I’ll share this little piece of advice from Australian author Rebecca Lim (Writer of the Mercy series.):

‘Work hard, keep believing, if you want it badly enough it shall come to you.’ 

Also, I’ve posted a few reviews so far on this site, and I plan on posting more in the future, so I thought I might as well do it on the same day every week. From now on Fridays will be ‘Fiction Friday’ were I’ll either post a review on a book I’ve read, or highlight an upcoming book I’m looking  forward to.

And it was always my plan to help out Australian authors on this site, so every Saturday will be ‘Spotlight Saturday’ where I’ll talk about a great Australian book I think is a must read.

And, of course, I will share more of my poems and short stories as I am inspired to write them.

So there you have it, all the things you can expect from me on this blog. It feels good to have a plan. 

I hope you will be able to drop by on one or all of these days. 🙂 


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