Fiction Friday: Review ‘Blood Rights’ by Kristen Painter.

Orbit, 2011
Orbit, 2011

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Rebellion has a price.

The lacy gold mapped her entire body. A finely wrought filigree of stars, vines, flowers, butterflies, ancient symbols and words ran from her feet, up her legs, over her narrow waist, spanned her chest and finished down her arms to the tips of her fingers.

Born into a life of secrets and service, Chrysabelle’s body bears the telltale marks of a comarré—a special race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility. When her patron is murdered, she becomes the prime suspect, which sends her running into the mortal world…and into the arms of Malkolm, an outcast vampire cursed to kill every being from whom he drinks.

Now, Chrysabelle and Malkolm must work together to stop a plot to merge the mortal and supernatural worlds. If they fail, a chaos unlike anything anyone has ever seen will threaten to reign.

My thoughts:
I loved this book!

I want to start off by saying how beautiful I think the cover is. It caught my eye straight away and drew me to the book.

I am very picky about my vampire books, I’m not going to read a book just because it has a vampire is in it, but I am so glad I picked this one. It was one of the best vampire books i’ve read. There were real vampires in it – evil, bloodsucking, face changing, can’t go in the sun, can be staked, turn to ash, vampires. (I grew up watching Buffy so those type of vampires will always be true vampires to me.)

This book was set in the future, which was different and helped to add freshness. (I know there are plenty of books out there set in the future, but this is the first vampire/paranormal book I’ve come across set in the future.)
It was written in third person and switched between Chrysabelle and Malkolm’s perspectives which I liked, you got to see the whole picture of what was going on while still having the intimacy of first person.

Chrysabelle is a Comarre – a special human breed for their blood whose bloodrights are purchased by a noble vampire.
When Chrysabelle’s patron is murdered, she flees to America, taking a very important ring with her that one of the noble vampires, Tatiana, will do anything to get her hands on.

She needs help, and the only help she can get is from a cursed Vampire named Malkolm (Mal) who hears the taunting voices of every victim he has killed.

I loved the sexual tension beween Chrysabelle and Mal. They find each other attractive but deny, deny, deny it all through the book. I love when characters hate each other at first and then their feelings slowly change toward each other.

It has romantic elements without being overwhelmingly romantic and is balanced with suspense, mystery and action.
This is a gothic fantasy so it’s a little bit darker, but I loved every minute of it, and I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it to someone who is looking for an urban fantasy that’s fresh, fast paced, has plenty of action, just enough romantic elements and real vampires.

5 out of 5.

You can add it to your ‘to-read’ on goodreads here –


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