A Word on Characters: To a reader from a writer.

Sometimes as readers we can get upset about choices characters make, or when characters die, or how a book ends. We scream in frustration, pull at our hair, throw the book (hopefully not) and curse the writer for doing that to a character.
But here is something non-writer readers may not understand. Characters take on a life of their own. Writers are just a tool for getting a character out of the head and onto the page. They have loud voices and strong personalities, and they know how they want their story to pan out. They make demands and the helpless writer just has to go with what that character says. Characters know who they want to fall in love with and if they are meant to die. And sometimes you might question an author and wonder why they did that to the character, and in turn do that to you, but it’s not like the writer had a real choice. Like I said, characters have a mind of their own and they know what they want. They go in directions that even surprise the writer sometimes, and sometimes the writer has to write plot that they don’t want to, but have to if they want to stay true to the story.
You might not be able to understand this if you are not a writer yourself, you might be thinking, ‘Your the writer, it was your choice.’ But believe me, sometimes it’s not. A lot of my characters come to me with their stories all stubborn and demanding, wanting me to tell their story the way they want it to go.
So take it easy on the poor author, they may not have wanted it to go that way either.


4 thoughts on “A Word on Characters: To a reader from a writer.

  1. I agree. As an avid reader it’s hard when something happens to a character you fell in love with. As a writer we know that it takes time, patience and more time to create someone your readers will love.
    Thank you for writing.

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