The Calling.

I have reached 100 followers on my blog, which I think is absolutely amazing, a big thank you to you all! To celebrate I am going to share with you the short synopsis of my YA epic fantasy currently titled ‘The Calling:The Prophecies of Terrateaka Book 1.’

Here it is:

The world is new and Earth a playground for the fallen. The Prince of Darkness plans to take over the world, and he is beginning with Terrateaka. The exiled Princess Tabitha is his tool, and he gives her the dark power she will need to become queen and rule the land.

The king’s daughter, Princess Odelia, dreams of the end. She must take a journey to find the Book Of Prophecy, and then she must defeat Tabitha, or all will suffer the likes of hell.

The battle for the world has begun, and the fate of the young Earth lies in the hands of one princess. Can she do whatever it takes to save her people?

Hope you liked it. It’s currently under consideration and I’m waiting to hear back. Nervous times.


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