Spotlight Saturday: Review ‘Power and Majesty’ by Tansy Rayner Roberts.

Welcome to this week’s Spotlight Saturday where I shine the spotlight on an Australian book that I think deserves to be read. Today I am shining the spotlight on ‘Power and Majesty’ the fantasy novel by Tansy Rayner Roberts. Tansy is one of my favourite Australian writers, everything that I have read of hers I have loved, and I urge any readers out there who love fantasy to give her ago.

Power and Majesty

The synopsis from Goodreads:

She almost missed the sight of a naked youth falling out of the sky. He was long and lean and muscled… He was also completely off his face.
A war is being fought in the skies over the city Aufleur. No one sees the battles. No one knows how close they come to destruction everytime the sun sets.
During daylight, all is well, but when nox falls and the sky turns bright, someone has to step up and lead the Creature Court into battle.
Twelve years ago, Garnet kissed Velody and stole her magic. Five years ago, he betrayed Ashiol and took his powers by force. But now the Creature Court is at a crossroads… they need a Power and Majesty who won’t give up or loose themselves in madness…

My Thoughts:

5 out of 5.

I really loved this book. It was full of drama and scandle, action and violence. It was fresh and unique and Amazing, and I think it would appeal to, and be enjoyed by, both male and female readers.

The Creature Court fight in a war every night in the sky, invisible to the occupants of the city below them, using their ability to shift into animals to aide them. The people of the Creature Court are wild, passionate and power hungry. Some characters you’ll love, some you’ll love to hate.

Our heroine Velody is strong-willed, fiercely protective, wise and determined. Before she realises who she is, Velody is a dress maker, living with her two best friends Delphine and Rhian.
Ashiol has been powerless for five years, until the Power and Majesty dies and his powers are returned. He is the only king left, but he will do anything not to become the Power and Majesty, to not turn into a monster like the previous ruler had. So when he finds Velody and realises she’s a king, which is astonishing because everyone thought a woman couldn’t be a king, he’ll do what it takes to get her to step up and become the Power and Majesty in hopes that she can change things and rule like no other has before her.
I loved Velody and I loved Ashiol, and the other characters where so well rounded and full of personality that it was easy to love them too.

This book was addictive, and I found I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up late into the small hours of the morning to finish it. There are 2 more books in this series and I can’t wait to read them.
This creative and thrilling fantasy is a must read for anyone who loves this genre. It has everything you could want in a fantasy and will leave you dying to read book 2 in the series.

*Warning – just to let you know this is not a YA book, it is one of the rare adult books I’ve read and has violence, swearing and sex scenes.


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