Writing Tip Wednesday: Something I learnt from Lauren Oliver.

Finding time to write in a day can be really hard sometimes. Some days are just so overwhelmingly busy, but it is important for every writer to try and write every day, even if it’s for twenty minutes, even if it’s only 200 words.

I had heard of the tip to take a note pad and pen wherever you go because inspiration can strike anywhere, but then I was reading an interview with Lauren Oliver on how she writes and discovered a little tip for the more Tech-savvy writer. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before. Maybe you have?

Lauren Oliver wrote the majority of her first novel, ‘Before I Fall’ on her cell phone while commuting between her full-time work, her full-time school, and her part-time job, and would email the pages to herself as soon as she emerged from the subway.

In the interview Lauren said: ‘…I still squeeze in my writing whenever and wherever I can. It’s not ideal, but life very rarely is–and if I can write anywhere, I never have a good excuse to avoid writing.’

Most people today have an iPhone, or a smartphone, or Blackberry, or whatever type of phone it may be, and they carry it with them everywhere they go, so why not use it to write?

You can write on the train, or bus, in your lunch break, while you are waiting in the car park for the kids to get out of school, while you are waiting at the doctor’s, while your kid plays soccer, wherever. I mean, everywhere you look there are people tapping away at their phones so it’s not like you will stand out. Why not use those times when you are not at home but just waiting around to work on your work-in-progress?

After reading this interview I decided to give the writing on the phone thing a try next time I was waiting around, and I’m so glad I did. It feels good to be squeezing in that extra bit of writing, to know that my time, which is very precious, is not being wasted just sitting around. (Although I rarely just sit around, I tend to read when I’m waiting around which is important too. If you are not writing when you are waiting around, you should be reading, but if you are pressed for writing time, write first.)

Writers need to try and write daily, and with such a handy tool at our disposal, as Lauren says, there is never a good excuse to avoid writing.

I’d love to know if you guys use your phone to write, or if you plan to now.


2 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: Something I learnt from Lauren Oliver.

  1. I check emails on my phone during breaks so I have more time to write in the evenings. Not sure if that counts!

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