A Writerly Update.


So I told you that I entered my manuscript to the Ampersand Project – an initiative by Hardie Grant Egmont Australia where they except submissions from unpublished YA authors during spring/summer. I just found out that my manuscript was rejected, which sucks. I was really hoping they would want it, though I kind of knew they would say no because my manuscript isn’t like anything they have published before.
But I am not one to let a little thing like a rejection stop me. This is only rejection number 4 for said manuscript, and that’s nothing really, I am just getting started. J.K.Rowling, Stephen King, Lauren DeStefano and Stephenie Meyer all got dozens (or more) of rejections for their first book so who am to think I will be any different?

Once you are rejected there is only one thing to do, keep submitting. I am going to start querying agents now. 2 of the previous 4 submissions I sent where directly to the publisher but I really do want an agent.
So now I need to perfect my query letter *gulps with dread* and I will go over my synopsis too. Then I’ll start querying, querying, querying.
Wish me luck.

9 thoughts on “A Writerly Update.

  1. Good luck. Perseverance is key in publishing and I’m sure that soon you’ll get a “Yes” 🙂

  2. Rejections often mean the opportunity to do more work on a ms. I’m glad for all my early rejections, which meant that I queried my agent with a much stronger piece of work. If you got any feedback, that’s useful. Also if you’ve had reader feedback – tough reader feedback, that’s useful too. Good luck. If you don’t put it out there, it’ll never go anywhere.

    1. I agree that rejections mean the opportunity to do more work on a ms. I am going to do another edit before I start querying. And thanks for wishing me luck:)

  3. Good luck with getting an acceptance sometime soon!!! Rejections suck… I know they make us grow and yada yada… but they still suck when they happen! Hope something comes up for you soon 🙂

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