A Writerly Update 2.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share my journey as I try to get published. Because of this, I have decided that I will share progress updates every fortnight with you guys. I will post my writerly updates on a Wednesday, alternating with my writing tips.
So, here’s what’s been happening in my writing life in the past few weeks:

I have bought some magazines. One of my goals this year is start submitting short stories regularly, though I haven’t submitted that many up until this point, I intend to start doing so now. All submission guidelines I have read for various magazines so far strongly suggest that you buy a copy of their magazine before submitting to them. Some even go so far as to say that subscribers submissions will be read first. So I bought three magazines that I intend to send my work to.

The first is Fast Fiction magazine. There are 4 issues a year, and at only $4.50 an issue it is real value for money, and I’ve always found the stories so entertaining. They provide a wide range of genres too.

The second was Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

And I also bought a subscription to Aurealis magazine. It was only $19.95 for a year subscription (10 issues). It is only available digitally, but that makes it easier for people overseas to subscribe. They are one of the magazines that read subscribers stories first.

On the short story front, I have a handful of stories that are 1-2 edits away from being completed and will be able to start submitting them when I work out which magazine I think is most suitable. This fortnight I have almost completed a zombie flash fiction and wrote the first draft of a horror story. I don’t write a lot of horror, but every now again I get a spine-tingling idea I can’t help but write.
And I am only a draft away from being able to submit my vampire story to the Dying to Live Anthology. Submission close June 1st and I am hoping to send it Friday.

On the manuscript front, I am doing one final edit of my YA epic fantasy before I start submitting queries to agents. I’ve only edited the first three chapters so far, but if I get myself into gear I should be able to have the final edit done within a fortnight. I am pretty much only line editing now.

I have also created a list of agents that I want to send queries to.

That’s about all for me this fortnight, what about you? How is your writing journey going?

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