Spotlight Sunday: Review ‘You Can’t Shatter Me.’

Welcome to this week’s Spotlight Sunday where I shine the light on an Australian book I think deserves to be read. Today I am shining the spotlight on the YA magical realism book ‘You Can’t Shatter Me’ by Tahlia Newland.


Synopsis from Goodreads:
When superhero wanna-be, Carly, stands up to a bully, he turns on her, forcing her to battle cutting words, flying hooks, a doubt dragon and a suffocating closet. Her karate-trained boyfriend, Dylan’s desire to stop the harassment sets off a struggle to control his inner caveman. Meanwhile, Carly searches for inner strength and a peaceful solution. Will she find it before Dylan resorts to violence?

This heart-warming magical realism story offers real solutions for handling bullying that will inspire and empower teens and adults alike.

My Thoughts:

4 out of 5.

I thought I would enjoy this book, but not as much as I did. It was a well written story that I think would be a good book to have in schools.

You Can’t Shatter Me is a book about bullying and how to deal with it, but it was also so much more. Carly is trying to write the story of her life the way she wants it. She wants to be a superhero, and when she sees a boy being picked on by the class bully, Justin, she has her chance to be the hero. But then Justin turns around and starts picking on her.

The story alternates between Carly and Dylan. Dylan has had a crush on Carly for a long time and has finally got the courage to ask her on a date. The romance that develops between them throughout the book is very sweet and had me smiling. Both characters where quirky with vivid imaginations, and I think they really suited each other.
Dylan was so cute and he is a black belt, a handy thing for a boyfriend to be.

What I liked about this was that Tahlia doesn’t focus on getting revenge on the bully, instead she gets the characters to try and look at the bullies point of view, and to resolve the issue peacefully.

You Can’t Shatter Me grabbed my attention from the start and kept me held. I found I didn’t want to put it down, and being only 162 pages I finished it one sitting (in about three hours). Tahlia has a few other titles available, and after reading this I am now interested in reading a few of them. I highly recommend it for teens and adults alike.

The good news for international readers is that this book is available as an ebook on Amazon (and other ebook retailers) for only $2.99. So far it has all 4 and 5 star review on Amazon.

You can add it to your goodreads here

*Parental Warning – it does have a scattering of swear words through out.


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