Review: Black Sun Light My Way, by Jo Spurrier. #aww13

I had planned to review Black Sun Light My Way in my Spotlight Sunday post, but I didn’t finish in time so I am posting it today instead. I still think this is an Australian book that deserves to be read, and is a must read for fantasy lovers.
This is the 13th book I have read for the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

The Synopsis: (I am not giving you the synopsis off of Goodreads this time because I thought it was a bit spoilery.)

Return to the wintry landscape of Ricalan and the magnificent storytelling of Jo Spurrier, in BLACK SUN LIGHT MY WAY.

Sierra has always battled to control her powers, but now her life and Isidro′s depend on keeping her skills hidden from the Akharians as they draw closer to Demon′s Spire. In the relics left by
Ricalan′s last great mage, Isidro hopes to find the knowledge Sierra needs to master her powers, but instead uncovers his own long-buried talent for magecraft.

When Sierra′s untrainable powers turn destructive, she has nowhere to turn for help but to the uncertain mercy of an old enemy. What will Rasten do when she returns to his hands at last?

My thoughts:

4 out of 5 stars.

This book is for adults, just thought I’d mention that since the majority of the books I read and review are YA and you might assume this is too.

Black Sun Light My Way is the second book in the Children of the Black Sun trilogy, and I have to say that I liked book 1, Winter Be My Shield, better than this one. This one was a whole lot darker than the first. I really think this is a great book, but it was harder to read and I had to stop in some places and take a breather.

SO MUCH HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK, it felt like I was reading books 2 and 3 one after the other. About half way through this book turned and went in directions I didn’t like (one thing I have to say about this book is that it definitely isn’t predicable). It broke my heart. Issey, how could you? And Sierra, you poor, poor girl.

The numerous characters really shine in this book. They are full of personality and felt so real. Their bravery and loyality is unshakable, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the people they love are safe. All the old characters you fell in love with in the first book are back, and there are some new ones too. A new character that I loved was Nirveli, she was such a totally different character than you usually read about. I don’t want to spoil anything so that’s all I’ll say about her. We meet Kell in this book and he is one of the most disgusting, evil men I have ever read. I absolutely hated him.

The ending was quiet violent. This book is not for the weak stomached that’s for sure. I am weak stomached, which is why i don’t read too many of these grim dark fantasies, though some, like this one, are just too good to resist. I hate reading about sexual violence more than any other type of violence and there is so much in this book because of the reality of the world it is set in. It is not described in graphic detail by any means, but just the mention of it is enough to sicken me.

One loose end is tied up in the book, but that leaves so many other that aren’t, and I have no idea what lies waiting for these characters in book three – I have big hopes for Cam and Mira, but I am utterly terrified for the other characters. Despite that, I can’t wait for book three.

Aside from the darker parts, I really enjoyed this book, it was a compelling read with an intricately woven plot and thorough world building. If you can handle the darker parts than it truly is a stand out fantasy and I highly recommend it. Jo Spurrier is a fantastic writer and she has created a cast of enchanting characters that will sink deep into your heart and stay with you long after you close the book.

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