Short Story: Ending Forever Part 1.

She traced her tongue across her fangs as she calculated the probability of her actually killing him. He was far stronger than she was, but she was quicker, and he was distracted by feeding. Beth didn’t know how much longer she could stand being with him. One hundred years was a long time to be with anyone, forever was even longer. Thomas wanted forever, and she, so young and stupid, had thought she wanted it too, that being with Thomas forever would be the most glorious thing in the world.
She watched him now, slurping noisily, blood trickling down his chin. Did he always drink so loud and sloppy? It grated against her skin.
He lifted his head, grinning, and shoved the man into her arms. “Enjoy.”
Beth smiled at him pleasantly, like she was thankful for the skerrick of blood he so generously allowed her to have. She couldn’t let him think that her love for him had faded, couldn’t let him suspect what she was up to. Surprise would be the only way she’d have any chance of annihilating him.
She bit into the other side of the man’s neck, the thought of putting her teeth in the same place that Tom’s had been made repulsion churn in her stomach. She quickly sucked up the half a pint he’d left her. Selfish bastard. She couldn’t handle one more day with him. She had to end this, and soon. She needed to be free of her sire, and her lover, fast.


Beth leapt onto the window’s ledge, graceful as a cat and as silent as a mouse. The sun would be up soon, she had to be quick so she’d make it back home without being fried, besides Tom would return at sun up. He rarely left her, and when he was forced to, he was never gone more than a night. Talk about clingy, a girl needed her air, well she would, that is, if she still breathed.
Her head whipped up as the door open. The hunter stumbled into the apartment, blood running down his arm. He held a crude piece of cloth over it. The smell of the blood ignited her blood lust and her fangs itched. Her stomach clenched and she had to hold back a snarl. Killing Tom was more important than killing this hunter, she minded herself.
The hunter staggered into his bathroom. Good. She’d talk to him after he cleaned himself up. He stumbled back into view a few minutes later, dragging his feet to the couch and collapsing on it. She tapped on the glass and he shot up, his head whipping around. His eyes widened and then narrowed when he saw her. He pulled a stake out of the back of his pants, holding it up. Beth pulled out a white handkerchief and waved it around, hoping he understood it meant she came in peace.
He strode over to the window with guarded confidence and lifted it, stepping out of reach.
“You do realise I am not stupid enough to invite you in?” he said.
“But you are curious enough to wonder why I am here.”
“You want me dead and you are trying some new, ridiculous way to try and do it?” he guessed.
Beth smirked. “Oh, no, hunter, I don’t want you dead. I want to help you kill a vampire.”
There was mocking laughter in his voice as he replied. “Like I’m dumb enough to fall for that one.” He went to shut the window and her hand darted out to stop him. She pulled it away with a growl, clutching her seared hand to her chest.
“I wouldn’t do that again if I were you, bloodsucker,” the hunter warned. “It’s doused in holy water.”
“Look, hunter, I’m serious. I want to kill my sire, but he is stronger than I am. I can’t do it without you.” She lowered her eyes. “Please.”
He folded his arms, wincing with the effort. “Okay, say you are serious, say you do want me to kill your sire, what stops you from trying to kill me once I’ve killed him?”
“We can make it part of the deal,” she told him. “And trust me, once you’ve killed him, I’ll be so grateful that I won’t want to kill you.”
He threw her a cocky grin. “And what makes you think I won’t turn around and kill you as well?”
“You won’t.”
“How can you be so sure?”
She just smiled. “Do we have a deal?”
He grunted. “What’s in it for me?”
She paused for a moment, letting the anticipation build. “You will be known as the hunter that took down Thomas Devero.”
His eyes widened before he quickly composed himself. “Your sire is Thomas Devero?”
“The vampire that wiped out your family?” she asked nonchalantly, examining her nails. “Yes.” She smiled triumphantly. “I’m guessing we have a deal?”
Anger flashed in the hunter’s eyes. “What’s your plan?”


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