A writerly Update 6.

Hi everyone, welcome to this fortnight’s writerly update. I’ve had some busy writing days and some days that have been too busy to get much writing done, mainly the last three days, but I’m mostly happy with the progress I’ve made.

On the novel front, it’s been a bit slow going on typing up the corrections I made on the hard copy of my YA epic fantasy. I’ve typed up the corrections to the first three chapters, making further corrections as I go along. I’ve sort of come across a dilemma. I have written this book in third person omniscient and was reading something that suggested that this isn’t really used in YA as teen readers like to feel a close connection with the characters, which is hard to do with omniscient POV. So now I’m debating whether to change it to third person limited, or drop the YA and sell it just as an epic fantasy. I started browsing through some of the epic fantasies out there aimed at YA’s and have not come across one written in third person omniscient, mostly third person limited. I’d love to hear your opinion on this, it would really help me a lot with the decision.

The YA urban fantasy that I have decided to rewrite is coming along better than I expected. I have finally written a first chapter that I’m happy with. It’s a huge relief to have that first chapter sorted out, and I’ve also managed to rewrite the first four chapters this fortnight which I am so excited about. It seems that now I’ve gotten past that first chapter the rest is flowing along smoothly.

You may or may not have read my flash fiction story The Girl in the Mirror It was a story I couldn’t get out of my head and is refusing to stay a flash fiction piece, so I have decided to turn it into a novel. I have now written 4 chapters of the first draft and have started on the fifth. I also have the book basically plotted out – I can see the whole thing clearly from start to finish in my head.

It’s extremely hard juggling 3 novels at once, I can tell you. I also need to get back into writing book two for my YA epic fantasy. While book 1 was last on submission I wrote 20,000 words of the first draft, but I won’t get back into that until I figure out what to do with book 1. I’m also occasionally working on a secret project, though I haven’t worked on it at all this fortnight. So, yes, you can say I’m juggling a lot. (Note: with the 3 main novels I am working on, 2 novels are in editing stages and only one is in the 1st draft stage. I do not recommend writing 3 novels all in the first draft stage.)

On the short story front, I received yet another rejection for the story I sent out last fortnight. To look on the bright side, my long list of rejections can only mean one thing…I’m on my way to making it!
I’ve kept my word and sent a short story away today. Again I know I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t committed to it in a previous writerly update. So thank you to those who check in every fortnight, you help keep me accountable.

That’s it from me. How is your writing going? I’d love to hear an update from you.

Be sure to check in next week for some writing tips, and I’ll be back in a fortnight for another writerly update. And if you’re interested, I usually post book reviews (mainly YA books) on Fridays and Sundays.

Happy writing:)


8 thoughts on “A writerly Update 6.

  1. I’m rewriting a YA novel I’ve been toying with for years now, its now my mission to finish it – I took a long break of writing and as such left a series of stories unfinished. Now I feel I have my mojo back, and I’ve made myself a promise not to start any new stories until the ones I started are complete…It’s difficult though. I always had a habit of rushing stories when I was younger, so all the action was squished up together – so part of the job is padding them all out to a better pace! Do you find it helpful juggling three books despite its difficulty – when you get fed up or blocked on one you can move to another and return with fresh eyes?

    1. I juggle so much at the moment for a number of reasons. One of those is because I have an abundance of ideas that I just want to get out. This is probably the first time that I’ve worked on so many novels at once. Usually when I have an idea I’ll sit down and work only on that until it is finished, mainly because I had a goal of writing it in a certain amount of time so I could enter it in a competition to win a publishing contract – there are two a year in Australia for YA manuscripts – though I would write detailed plots out when I came up with an idea, a couple thousand words long, because when a new idea comes along I can’t help writing a little bit of the novel.
      I think it is important to stay focused and finish your manuscript even if other things are nagging at you. The best advice I can give is work on other projects while you are putting your main one to rest between drafts. I start my other novels when editing because I miss the joy of writing without having to worry about making it perfect like you do with editing.
      With these three I’m working on now, I’ll usually be focused on just one for a few days and then the other for the next few days, and the one closest to being finished and able to be submitted is getting neglected. The one giving me the most problems is usually the one getting the least attention. The longer you have been writing without getting published the more manuscripts you will have completed. That’s why I am working on so many because I want to improve ones I’ve already written and got rejected.
      Sometimes it is just plain frustrating working on three at once.
      I didn’t start juggling more than one manuscript until I had a completed manuscript. If you stop and start stories without going all the way to the end you’ll have a long line of partial manuscripts and no actual manuscripts. So I guess in answer I would say it is not helpful to be juggling more than one if it’s going to stop you from finishing a manuscript.
      Sorry for the long response, I hope it was helpful and I didn’t sound like I was just rambling. Juggling is difficult, and I don’t recommended it until you have a lot of time you can dedicate to writing. I have a lot more time now, another reason I can juggle.

      Good luck with you novel!

      1. Ah thank you, no it was a very detailed and helpful answer. For now I’ve mainly been focusing on the YA novel I mentioned – I think I’ll take your advice and stick at it until it’s finished, and go onto another as that one’s on the rest pile. I think I’ll be very proud when it’s finished even if nothing comes of it, simply as it will be the first full length novel I’ve managed to complete.
        Thanks again for the advice!

      2. Good luck with finishing the manuscript, it’s a really great feeling to finish your first manuscript, something to be proud off!

  2. You do have a lot on your plate! I couldn’t imagine (right now) juggling novels, even two. Break a pencil, regardless 🙂
    With regard to the rejection, I like to say: one rejection closer to YES!

    1. I hadn’t always had the time to juggle, and it’s not something I would urge anyone to do if they didn’t have multiple hours to write each day.

      Thanks for the encouragement. A yes soon would be really good, but as all writers know, we have to have patience.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot on the go. Well done for taking the rejection on your short story so well – rejections are never easy, but the more we get the better we get at accepting them and moving on!! I tend to agree with you on the third person omniscient I’m afraid – these days teenagers like to feel connected to their central character’s insights and emotions. Not to say it can’t be done, but there would need to be a good reason for it. I just got my professional edit back which was extremely helpful – I have a bit of rework ahead of me!!! Keep writing and a pleasure to hear about your current projects 😉

    1. I still have a little cry when I get rejected, but only a little one. I do know I am getting closer to publication with the more rejections I get. It no where near effects me as much as it use to, it just makes me more determined to keep submitting.

      Thank you for answering about third person omniscient. I had that sinking feeling in my gut that said I should change it. It’s the thought of having to do even more editing now that’s just so frustrating, but it’s part of the job. I understand why they say you have to write something you love because I have read this manuscript more times than I can count!

      Good luck with your rewrites, seems like we both have a lot of editing to do. And thanks for reading.

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