A Writerly Update 8.

Hi everyone, how’s your writing been going this past fortnight? This fortnight I’ve managed to work on all of my current WIPs.
‘Rift’ (which is what I affectionately call my urban fantasy/sci-fi, though this isn’t the title, I’m still working on that.) I know where the story is going from beginning to end and I’m eager to get this draft out. I am 3/4 the way through chapter 10 of the rewrites. Deleting big chunks of already written text is painful, but I know they needed to go, and the rewrites I’ve done so far have made this book so much stronger than it was before.

I did three more chapters of my epic fantasy, and 1.5 chapters of The Girl in the Mirror. Like I said, Rift is what I’ve been really drawn to at the moment, taking time from these two.

I am happy to report that I sent a short story away today. It feels good completing that goal this fortnight since I failed to send a story out last fortnight. I sent my story to Daily Science Fiction
This is a great website full of FREE spec fic stories, and if you subscribe you can get free stories sent straight to your inbox, and did I mention that they’re FREE? I love getting my stories everyday, and they are mostly under 1000 words so they don’t take long to read. Most of the stories I have read so far I have given at least 5/7 rockets. A lot of them I’ve given 6/7, and a few 7/7. They are looking for more subscribers at the moment so you should check them out. And if you are a spec fic writer they want your stories, especially if they are under 1000 words, and they’ll pay you 8 cents a word for them, which is a pretty high rate.

Other short story news: I’m busy working on two short stories for the Gold Coast Anthology this one is Australian only and closes on the 3lst of August so I need to get my butt into gear.

There were at least 3 days where I didn’t get to write this week which sucks 😦 Hopefully next fortnight I’ll be able to report that I had 0 no writing days.

That’s all from me. I’d love to hear your writing updates so don’t be shy.

Happy Writing 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 8.

  1. Oh Wow! Getting a free story a day sounds great! Will definitely join the mailing list 😀 Good luck with your short story submission, I submitted a poem to an online magazine the other day :S Won’t find out until September if it will be included in the issue though :S

  2. Sounds like your writing is powering along 🙂

    I’ve just come back from RWA’s conference in Fremantle which was brilliant. I’m so inspired and can’t wait to get back to my manuscript!

    1. So sad I didn’t get there, glad you had a great time. Hopefully I can get there next year since it is going to be in Sydney. Good luck with your manuscript. Happy writing 🙂

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