(A late) Writing Tip Wednesday: Write 2 pages a day.

Sorry that this is late, I’ve been extremely busy lately and missed a few posts but I’m hoping to get back on track now. And because I’ve been extremely busy it got me thinking about how that can effect your writing. For those of us not lucky enough to have writing as our careers, writing is something that has to be done around our other responsibilities. Everyone says how important it is to write everyday and some days it seems utterly impossible to do, which brings me to the title of this fortnight’s writing tip.
I was reading this very interesting post over at writers unboxed by guest writer, Yona Zeldis McDonough. Yona has written five award-winning novels and twenty-two books for children, and is also the editor of two essay collections. When she started out writing that first novel, which she was trying to squeeze into her busy life of raising two small children, she came up with a manageable goal: write two pages a day, five days a week. In less than a year she had a first draft, and she edited the same way. Read her full story here

So, if you are very busy and you want to write a novel but are feeling like it is just too a monumental task, I suggest breaking it down into more manageable goals. Maybe you will try and write two page, or set a word limit goal – say 500 words a day – either way, find something that works for you.

Another thing that eats into your time is the Internet. You may think you have no time to write, but you spend two hours on the internet – think about how much writing you could have done if you had written for that two hours. You might say, “but what about my author platform, that’s important too.” True, but if you don’t have a book written what exactly do you need a platform for?
T.V could be your internet. You might spend hours every week watching TV instead of writing. I hardly watch TV anymore, a show has to be really good to get me hooked these days (like Once Upon A Time, that is a must watch show.) I’m just too busy. You need to figure out how important writing is to you and be prepared to make the sacrifices.

Internet is one of my weaknesses that eats into my writing time and I’m trying to rectify that, but the Internet can actually be very helpful for your writing. (especially using it for research)I have recently discovered #writeclub on Twitter. Every friday night (Saturday afternoon’s for me since I’m in Australia) you can go on twitter and for half an hour at a time you just work on your WIP. When the half an hour is up, you tweet how many words you did. There is a ten minute break and then you go for another half an hour and so on. It is very fun,and you get lots of writing done. And you don’t feel alone when you write because you are actually writing along with heaps of other writers. (Who said writing had to be a solitary persuit?) Everyone is so friendly, I highly suggest you check it out if you are on Twitter.

So, if you’re finding it hard to squeeze writing in on a daily basis, I suggest you try the 2 page a day goal, or tailor one that suits you. You’ll never complete a novel if you never write.
Good luck, and happy writing 🙂


4 thoughts on “(A late) Writing Tip Wednesday: Write 2 pages a day.

  1. This was just what I needed to read today! I have been struggling to fit writing in, especially since I’m working on my thesis. Academic writing kills my drive to work on anything else. I never thought I had time to write everyday, but I’ve realized recently how many writers will wake up early or write when they’re free at night for 30 or so minutes. This kinds of habits, like you point out, make a novel.

    Again, thanks for this post. I needed it!

  2. When I started out with a daily writing practice, I aimed for “something” a day 😛 It soon turned into 1 page, then 2 and that’s where it’s pretty much leveled off. Editing is a little different. Depending on the task, I could do several chapters in a day, but if I’m re-writing something that didn’t work, new material is still at roughly 2 pages a day. It’s a good pace and enough to carry most writers through to their goals.

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