Open Submissions Updated.

I just realised it has been a few months since I updated my Submissions Open page, so tonight I went and updated it. I apologise that it has taken me this long.

There are 3 new submissions listed, with a total of 9 listings. You can check them out here

For those of you who write novella’s I have listed two opportunities for you.

The first is from Entranced Publishing. They are looking for contemporary romance based on classic fairy tales. These tales must have strong heroines who rescue themselves and maybe even prince charming. No wilting flowers. Strong chemistry and simmering sexual tension between the heroine and hero is a must.
Word count: 25,000-35,000 words
Deadline for submissions: November 30, 2013

And for Australian and New Zealand residents Viva la Novella is back again this year. Send Seizure your best novella’s between 20–50,000 words.
Entries close December 2nd 2013.

These are just some of the opportunities I have listed, so be sure to check the rest out.

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