Writing Tip Wednesday: Retrieving files accidentally deleted.

Every writer knows how important it is to save their work. That you need to save it on your computer and then back it up on another device (for me a USB). You need to save your work when you have finished your writing session, but you should also constantly be hitting save during your writing sessions in case something horrifying happens like your computer crashing.

Losing work you have written is the worst thing that could happen to a writer – a nightmare come to life. And it happened to me just a few days ago.

I know to save, and save I did. I saved and saved and saved while I was writing. I had just finished a really good writing session. In one hour I had popped out 800 words, which is pretty standard for me. And then I accidentally deleted all those 800 words that I had painstakingly written right off of my USB, and that was the only copy I had because I was on the family computer instead of my laptop. I wanted to cry and scream. I didn’t want to have to type up those 800 words again hoping that I would remember them right.

I went to Google and typed in something along the lines of ‘how to retrieve deleted files off of a USB’, and stumbled across the answer on About.com. They had a list of free data recovery software that can retrieve deleted files.

Their top pick was Recuva. I downloaded it. It was very simple to use and it found my deleted file without any trouble at all. If you have accidentally deleted a file like I did, then I highly recommend using Recuva to get it back.

Here is the review of Recuva from About.com. They have a link at the bottom to the Recuva website.

I hope this doesn’t happen to you guys, it really is devastatingly frustrating. Remember to save, save, save and pay careful attention when you are saving. But if you do accidentally delete a file, now you have a way of getting that file back.

Happy writing:)


4 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: Retrieving files accidentally deleted.

  1. Thank you so much for this post. 🙂 I’ve experienced nightmares like this before and had no idea what to do about it, so I’ll definitely be using this tip if it happens again!

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