Review: ‘Reawakened’ A Once Upon A Time Tale by Odette Beane.

once upon a time

The synopsis from Goodreads:
Emma Swan’s life has been anything but a fairy tale. She’s been on her own since she was abandoned as a baby–that is, until the night of her twenty-eighth birthday, when Henry, a ten-year-old boy, shows up on her doorstep. He’s the son Emma gave up for adoption, and this surprise visit turns her life upside down.
Henry takes Emma back to his home in Storybrooke, Maine, where, Henry claims, all the residents are actually fairy tale characters who can’t remember their true identities. And if Henry’s right, that means that his sweet-natured, lonely schoolteacher Mary Margaret Blanchard is really Snow White, the iconic princess … and also Emma’s long-lost mother.
In Fairy Tale Land, we meet Snow White as a bandit on the run, forced into exile by her stepmother, the Evil Queen. Snow’s a young woman learning to become a hero, who will do anything to live happily ever after with her one true love, Prince Charming.
The closer Emma comes to Henry in Storybrooke, the harder it is for her to ignore the dark curse that haunts this small New England town and binds her to Mary Margaret. If Emma can learn to accept her destiny as Storybrooke’s savior and break the curse, she just might get the family reunion she’s dreamed about her entire life.

ABC’s “ONCE UPON A TIME” is a modern adventure with thrilling twists and hints of darkness, brimming with wonder, and filled with the magic of our most beloved fairy tales.

My Thoughts:
4 out of 5 stars.

Yes, this is a book based on the first season of the hit TV show (and one of my all time favorites) Once Upon A Time. Reawakened has gotten a lot of mixed reviews but I really liked it. As an avid book lover, I was thrilled to see one of my favorite TV shows in book form, and it was nice reliving it all again.

Each chapter is named the same as each episode of season one and is based on that episode. It is really condensed and is based mainly on Emma and Snow White’s stories while everyone else’s story gets summarized by Henry who is telling Emma. I have to say the show is much, much better than the book because of the extra detail (which is usually the other way around when a movie is based off of a book.)

I think if you loved the show AND you are a reader you will like it, and I think you won’t like it much if reading is not your thing. It really is one for the fans, and I’m not sure how it would read as a story for people who haven’t seen the show, you’d certainly be missing the depth the series goes into.

It’s exactly what it is – the show summarized into book form. I like having it as a keepsake of the show though, and if they make the other seasons into books I’ll buy them too. I don’t care if the next volume is the size of a brick, they should make it longer to fit more detail in because it’s everyone stories that I love.

It was worth the read and I can recommend it those who loved the show.

You can add it to your Goodreads here


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