You and the impact of Photoshop

This isn’t something I usually put on my blog but I think it is something everyone needs to see. It really shocked me.


Fashion is an industry that produce beautiful images to sell products. From beauty to clothing,from men magazines to selling insurance, photography most of the time is trying to sell a dream, to awake a desire that finally will materialize in buying the product.

I’m ok with it and most of us I think but when imagery is crossing a line and it’s becoming fantasy that’s not anymore advertising it is a totally a misunderstanding of what actually people want and need.

Because in a society that with everyday is becoming more chaotic it is more and more difficult to stay true to yourself. A society of consumerism that is creating its ideal consumer that generally has nothing to do with the real one. And this creates a pressure not easy to handle sometimes that can create permanent damage.

Body image is no longer and maybe never was an issue that concern women…

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