Book Trailer: Some Fine Day by Kat Ross.

It is my pleasure to share with you today the book trailer for the YA post apocolyptic novel ‘Some Fine Day’ by Kat Ross. It was created by the talented Kim-Jenna Jurriaans. Check her out on twitter here.

And here it is:

And here is the synopsis from the Strange Chemistry website:

Strange Chemistry, 2014
Strange Chemistry, 2014

Sixteen-year-old Jansin Nordqvist is on the verge of graduating from the black ops factory known as the Academy. She’s smart and deadly and knows three things with absolute certainty.

She knows that when the world flooded and civilization retreated deep underground, there was no one left on the surface.

She knows that the only species to thrive there are the toads, a primate/amphibian hybrid with a serious mean streak.

Most of all, she knows there’s no place on Earth where you can hide from the hypercanes, continent-sized storms that have raged for decades.

Jansin has been lied to. On all counts. Faced with the truth in the form of a charismatic young survivor named Will, Jansin vows that her former masters will regret making her what she is…

Some Fine Day will be available from the 1st of July 2014.

So what do you think? It sounds very intriguing, don’t you think? I love the tagline on the cover ‘It is forbidden to return to the surface.’
Sounds like a must read to me.

You can find out more on the Strange Chemistry website.

You can add it to your Goodreads here.

2 thoughts on “Book Trailer: Some Fine Day by Kat Ross.

  1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by Thoughts By J and entering my giveaway! 🙂

    This book sounds amazing, and a little like Hugh Howey’s ‘Wool’. It’d be interesting finding out what the Earth looks like in this dystopian world. Thanks for sharing the awesome trailer!

    Joy @ Thoughts By J

    1. It does sound amazing, doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to reading it.

      Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future 🙂

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