A Writerly Update 16.

Hi Everyone,

I use to do this update every second Wednesday but I have decided to change this to every Sunday and share a weekly wrap up of my writing. And because my writerly update will no longer be on a Wednesday, I will be doing my Writing Tip Wednesday every week instead for fortnightly so I can share more writing tips with you.

So what have I done this week writing wise?

This week I have been concentrating on my YA contemporary novel. I printed it out and have gone through and edited chapters 1-6. I went through each chapter twice and then typed up the corrections on the computer.
I have decided that my YA sci-fi won’t be ready to be submitted to the Ampersand Project which is open for the month of February. I don’t want to rush it, just let it be finished when it is finished. But I think my YA contemporary novel is much more ready so I’m thinking about submitting it instead. I am hoping to get through the rest of it quickly. It’s only 60,000 words so I should be able to get through it within two weeks.

I finished a first draft of a romantic short story for adults and have gotten through half a draft for another one.
Today I wrote the first draft of a sci-fi story that came in just over 2000 words. I was so happy to have it all done today. I knew the entire plot in my head and just couldn’t stop until I had it all out.
My goal this year is to complete and submit more short stories and so far I have been right on track with this goal.

Also, I joined the Romance Writers Of Australia, which I am really excited about. I think it will be a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to learning more about it and entering their contests and talking to other members.

That’s all from me. How has your writing week been?


9 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 16.

  1. Do you find that when you print something out, it reads completely different than on a screen? Suddenly it’s grammatical errors abound!!

    This week I’ve been mostly editing my creative piece for my dissertation. Fun times. *pulls face*

  2. Hey Rochelle!
    I joined the Romance Writer’s of Australia this year too! I’m still learning the lay out and working out what’s going on, but its something I’m glad I’ve done. Are you thinking about going to their convention in August? I’m thinking of going and staying nearby (since its in Sydney) rather than travelling back and forth each day.

    More on subject though, I love that you include this posts and updates on your blog. I love reading about you progess, which I admit I’ve only just learnt about and followed, but I’m crossing my fingers for you with the project next month. Your posts also remind me that I need to spend more time on my craft, so in short, you inspire me as well 🙂

    1. I’m still learning about how RWA works too, and yes I will be going to their convention in August, I’m really excited about it. I was thinking about staying near by, travelling back and forth would be too exhausting I think.

      Thank you so much, Jess, that means a lot 🙂 Are you working on anything in particular at the moment?

  3. I have picked up the work I have abandoned for about 1.5 months, written to the low point, (originally somewhere between mid-point and low-point), a little after that, and closing in on the resolution. I am feeling pretty awesome, though this week’s weekdays seemed blurred and just really really busy.

    Good luck next week! Try your best, and I’ll be waiting to hear the good news! 🙂

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