A Writerly Update 17.

Hi Everyone, welcome to my weekly writing wrap-up, where I share how much writing I did during the week. I am sad to report that I didn’t get to write for 4 days this week! 4! If anything, I never usually miss more than one day a week writing, so having 4 days off almost killed me.

One of my non writing days happened because my baby girl started Kindergarten. I only have two children and won’t be having anymore, so it was hard for me to watch her go off to school. I was a mess the whole day, it was really tough, I couldn’t write I was so distressed. She on the other hand was fine, not a single tear. She just walked into the class room and sat down. She loves school and didn’t want to have the weekend off! Nothing like her brother who still clings to me each morning and hates having to go to school.

Anyway, I didn’t get as much writing done as I would have liked. I edited a chapter of my YA urban sci-fi and I wrote more of a romantic short story I am working on thanks to #writeclub. I got most of my writing/editing done today. I typed up three chapters of changes to my YA contemporary that I am editing and edited another chapter on the printed out copy.
Hopefully the coming week will see much more writing done.

For those who don’t know what #writeclub is, it’s a club on Twitter for writers that any writer can join. @FriNightWrites hosts writing sprints on Friday nights. Australian #writeclub goes from 7pm-midnight AEDT, then the UK follow on on their Friday night, followed by US. We sprint for half an hour, report how many words we have written, take a break and then go again. It’s really fun, helps keep you motivated and you meet lots of other lovely writers.

That’s it for me. How was your writing week? I hope you all got to write more than I did.

Happy writing 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 17.

  1. Rochelle, I feel for you. Four days without the word would distress me. Even if I don’t write, per se, I’m usually critiquing or doing other related writerly work.
    I’ve started a monthly update (I’m not so prolific that weekly would be of value). http://melaniemarttila.ca/2014/02/01/the-next-chapter-january-2014-update/
    I have nabbed an Excel spreadsheet from Jamie Raintree to track the writing and it’s been very valuable for me. I kind of got addicted to the charting of progress with NaNoWriMo last year. You can also see how I’m implementing my plan of working on several projects at once (based on your example).
    It’s an experiment more than a plan, but so far it has neither failed nor provided any breakthrough moments, so I’ll stick with it until one or the other happens 🙂

    1. Using an excel spreadsheet sounds like a great idea. I’ve been keeping track of all the writing I do with good old pen and paper! I’ll definitely check out your post. Good luck with juggling all your projects 🙂

    1. Writeclub is so fun. I actually host the Aussie writeclub from 9.30-midnight so drop in and say hi. Before I helped start the Aussie branch, I was jumping in with the US on a Saturday. It is really fun and helps your word count 🙂

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