Fiction Friday: Review ‘Jumping Fences’ by Karen Wood. #AWW2014

Hi, and welcome to this week’s Fiction Friday. I know I usually do a review of an international book on a Friday but I have gotten some great Australian books lately and have been dying to read them all, so I am! Today I’m reviewing the YA contemporary rural romance, ‘Jumping Fences’ by Karen Wood. I won this through Allen and Unwin’s Facebook page, so I’d like to say a huge thank you to Allen and Unwin for picking me to read this book. (This has in no way affected my review, which is an honest representation of what I thought of the book)
This is the fourth book I have read for the Australian Women Writers Challenge. (To find out more about the challenge click the badge on the side.)

Allen and Unwin 2014
Allen and Unwin 2014

Synopsis from Goodreads:

‘I don’t want you mustering any more,’ Dad said. ‘You’re to knuckle down and do your schoolwork. If you stay here with me, you can keep things going in and around the house, while Mike and I run the farm. Those are my rules. Otherwise you can go and live at your mum’s.’

Zoe reeled. There was clearly something she was missing. ‘What do you mean?’ she said.

Zoe wakes up in hospital after a mustering accident and can’t remember a thing. When she gets home, everything has changed. Her dad is being really harsh and her boyfriend Scotty and bestie Caitlin aren’t answering her messages. What’s going on? Most importantly, what is her brother’s mysterious friend Josh hiding, and can he help find her dad’s stolen cattle and save him from having to sell the farm? Zoe needs answers and she needs them fast.

This is a book to read at a gallop, with a compulsively readable story line and an irresistible romantic lead: ‘You deserve someone who would jump fences to be with you, Zoe.’

My Thoughts:
4.5 stars out of 5.

When I was 16 I read a book about a city girl who had to go live on her father’s farm, who she hardly knew, for the Christmas holidays. I absolutely loved that book and have been waiting for a teen rural romance ever since! (Gosh, and 16 was a long time ago for me!) Finally I have found one *happy dances* And I am pleased to announce that Jumping Fences did not disappoint.

When Zoe wakes from a mustering accident, she can’t remember what happened to land her in hospital. When she gets home, her life starts crumbling around her. Her boyfriend and her best friend aren’t returning her messages, her father has had cattle stolen and could lose the farm, and she’s been relegated to house duties since she is suppose to be taking it easy. Her memory is hazy, but it’s slowly returning, piece by piece, and what she learns is going to shake up her world even more.

Once I started reading Jumping Fences I couldn’t stop and read it in one sitting. The mystery surrounding the accident unfolds at a gripping pace and explosive secrets are revealed! There was a nice, sweet romance threaded throughout and the story was wrapped up nicely and had me feeling all the good feels 🙂 This was my type of contemporary and I just loved everything about it – from the first page to the last. Zoe was a strong, likable character, and I was just as eager to discover her past as much as she was.

Jumping fences was a heartwarming read and I highly recommend it for those who like their YA contemporary on the lighter side and with romance. It is a clean read and suitable for younger teens and up. I really loved this book, it was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I can’t wait to read more rural romances from the wonderful Karen Wood.

You can add it to your Goodreads here.


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