A Writerly Update 18.

Welcome to this week’s writing update. I haven’t done a huge amount of actual writing this week, I’ve mainly been editing and plotting.

On the short story front, I got a draft done of a sci-fi story I’m working on. It’s almost ready to be sent away. I’ll do a few more reads to make sure there are no mistakes, then I’ll send it.

I sent the first two chapters of my YA contemporary to my critique partner and her comments sparked an idea for a new direction for the first quarter of the book, one I actually like better. And a new character has emerged demanding to be written into it and now I’ve met her I love her and have to write her in. So all week I’ve been reworking chapter one and plotting, lots of plotting. I’ve been plotting the new angle to see what I need to scrap and add in, and been trying to figure out where to place the new scenes with the new character.

I’ve also worked a little on my YA urban sci-fi. I wrote a scene that I loved. Don’t you love that? When a scene comes out almost perfect the first time? I’ve been frantically trying to get a first chapter that I’m happy with. I’ve had a couple of false starts, but I’m hoping this one will be it. I won a critique of my first chapter by a published author so that’s why I was frantically trying to get it ready. I’m nervously waiting to hear back.

That’s all for me. Like I said, most of my writing time this week was spent on plotting.
How about you? How much did you write this week? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy writing 🙂


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