A Writerly Update 20.

Hi Everyone, welcome to my writerly update for this week. I managed to write to some degree every day this week, so yay!

I might do things a little different this week and show you what I did each day, though it wasn’t my most productive week by far.

Monday I didn’t do much writing at all. I did an edit of a flash fiction piece and typed up a possible new opening for a fantasy novella I wrote ages ago and would like to look at when I have time, hopefully soon.
To me this was not a very productive day at all.

Tuesday I worked on the rewrite of chapter 2 of my contemporary YA novel. This day felt much more productive.

Wednesday I came up with an idea for a shiny new sci-fi novel that I have no clue when I’ll be able to get around to writing. Ideas are one thing I don’t really need right now. And although I had other things I should be doing, I couldn’t help writing the plot points down as they came to me.
I also recently found out that Koala Books is opened for submissions until February 28 2014 for Picture books (Australia only). I have a couple of picture book ideas rattling around in my head, so I looked at one I had a draft of, wasn’t feeling it, looked at the other one I had a draft of and wasn’t feeling that either so I gave up. I’d like to send a picture book manuscript to them but only if I can write a good one. I’ll update you next week about whether I came up with something submittable or not.

Thursday I tried to work on a picture book again with no luck. I went back to my YA contemporary and finished the rewrite of chapter 2.

Friday I did an edit of a romantic short story I am working on to submit to the Australia Love Stories anthology, which submissions close February 28 2014.

Saturday I did another edit of my romantic short story.

And today I rewrote the whole of chapter 3 of my YA contemporary.

Altogether it hasn’t been a productive week for me. By the end of this week I realised that I am focusing too much on short stories. I know that I wanted to submit more short stories this year, but I’ve been trying to submit too many. A lot of the places I wanted to submit to all had deadlines in February and I was trying to submit to them all. In the end I had to drop some because I couldn’t get them all done in time. It’s taking time away from my novels, and as much as I love short stories, I want to get an agent this year so I need a finished manuscript to do that. From March I will limit myself to one short story submission and possibly one flash fiction piece a month.

I was more productive when I was writing my YA sci-fi novel, my fairytale retelling and The Girl In The Mirror than I am now trying to juggle short story deadlines and my YA contemporary. I am really missing my fairytale retelling and The Girl In The Mirror and are itching to get back to writing them again.
There are two short stories I plan on submitting before February 28th, after that I’ll cut back and start focusing on my novels again.
Writing is all about priorities, and I need to get back on track with mine.

How was your writing week? Were you very productive? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Writing 🙂


9 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 20.

  1. I didn’t get too much writing done, but I made some progress fixing problems in my WIP.
    I want to write some short stories too, but like you, I don’t like it when it takes me away from my novel!

    1. Glad you were able to make some progress with the problems in your WIP.
      And yes, short stories do pull a lot of time away from novel writing, although I love the challenge of them so I don’t want to let them go completely.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Nice job! I’ve been pretty unproductive this week. I think I wrote around 500 words yesterday and I think that’s all I’ve done. I would use homework as an excuse but I’ve been procrastinating doing that, too. Ugggh. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to focus more!

    1. I find writing sprints with other people really help the productivity. Plus it’s fun writing with other writers. I do my writing sprints through twitter. @FriNightWrites do writing sprints on Friday nights and @TheSprintShack do weeknights (in Australia it’s early morning for me.)
      Good luck with your writing 🙂

      1. I agree, writing sprints are very helpful! I sometimes do sprints with @FriNightWrites and @TheSprintShack and I tend to get a lot done with those. The problem for me is just motivating myself to actually check if there are sprints going on, haha. But maybe I’ll try to do more of them this week!

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