Mini Review: Twelve by James Phelan.


Synopsis from Goodreads:

This is where you die, Sam.

The nightmare is real and Sam must face his destiny. Will the chilling prophecy and the ultimate battle against Solaris come true?

Nothing could have prepared Sam for this terrifying new life as one of the last 13 Dreamers. From New York to Egypt, to Italy – the search for the rest of the last 13 will take Sam across the globe. He cannot do it alone, but who can he really trust? He must find the rest of the last 13.

The race has begun.

13 books. 13 nightmares. 1 destiny.

Are you one of them

My thoughts:

3 out of 5 stars.

Twelve is the second book in The Last Thirteen series by Australian author, James Phelan.
We continue to follow Sam as he tries to find the other dreamers. We cross more continents in this book, and we meet a new dreamer that I found very interesting. There was plenty of chasing and running and sticky situations to get out of. Like the first book, it ends on a cliff hanger too.

I am enjoying this series a lot and am looking forward to Eleven. The Last Thirteen is a perfect story for younger teen readers who love exciting action/adventure stories. I think boys in particular will enjoy this one. It is a short, easy read that moves very quickly and because of this I think it would be a great recommendation for a reluctant reader.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Twelve by James Phelan.

    1. Some older readers haven’t enjoyed them that much but you have to remember the audience for who the books are intended, for the age group, I think they are really good.

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