Writing Tip Wednesday: Follow Agents On Social Media.

Welcome to this weeks Writing Tip Wednesday. Today I am talking about getting to know the agents you want to query by following them on social media. I am hoping to start querying mid year at the latest so I have already begun compiling a list of agents I want to query. And thanks to the internet, agents are more accessible than ever!
The biggest mistake you can make when querying an agent is sending them a query for a book they don’t represent e.g sending your non-fiction manuscript to an agent that only represents children fiction.

A lot of agents are on social media like Twitter and Tumblr, and have their own blogs so you can get to know what they are looking for. So my tip today is follow the agents that you might query on twitter, tumblr etc, follow their blogs and subscribe to their newsletters.
Not only will you find out what they have sold and what they want, they also give out invaluable submitting advice and show samples of successful queries. They might even take a sampling of their queries and tell you why they did or didn’t pass on them.

Some of the blogs I’ve discovered in my search are:

New Leaf Literary on tumblr (Joanna Volpe and Suzie Townsend)

Suzie Townsend’s blog – this link leads to a sample query she put on her blog.

Pub Rants from Nelson Literary Agency – I subscribe to the newsletter and it is full of really great tips.

P.S Literary Agency – another tumblr blog.

Slush Pile Hell – This is an hilarious site that will tell you what not to say in your query letter. Click on the link to read some queries you won’t believe are real!

That’s just a few, I am sure there are plenty more. So before you start querying, find out as much about your agent/s as you can by following them on social media. A lot of them are open to questions so feel free to ask them anything you’re not certain about. All agents have different preferences and it is important you find out what they are before you query. And from the sample query letter’s I’ve read, mentioning you’ve read their blog/newsletter goes down really well with agents.

6 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: Follow Agents On Social Media.

  1. Wow, what a smart idea!! As much as I’ve thought about getting in touch with agents, I’ve never thought about following them on social media. Guess that one just totally slipped my mind. That’s a great idea. Thanks!

  2. I do follow agents, editors, and publishers on Twitter. I have a “Publishing Industry” list 🙂 It’s great to see agents’ #MSWL posts, and some of them will Tweet their reading results (e.g. Ten submissions in ten Tweets). They will tell you not only what they want to see, but also give you insight into why they don’t request anything from a query. It’s very cool. Most agents/agencies also have newsletters you can sign up for so you can see who else they’re publishing and if you would be a good fit for their house.
    I’d also recommend Janet Reid’s Query Shark blog, Rachelle Gardner, and Sarah Negovitch (Sarah Nego Writes). I’ve also recently heard of someone who calls him- or herself Agent Orange and who seems to be an insider with dirt to share. Haven’t looked that person up yet, but I’m intrigued.
    Great post, Rochelle!

    1. Twitter is great, I love #mswl. Thanks for the recommendations I’ll check those out. I haven’t heard of Agent Orange but sounds interesting.

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