Guest Post: Beau Barnett – Word Sprints, #WriteClub and Some Staggering Statistics

#writeclub is so great, everyone should come join in the writerly fun 🙂

The Sprint Shack

Word Sprints, #WriteClub and Some Staggering Statistics: Beau Barnett discusses the camaraderie of #WriteClub and some staggering stats. Hey everyone. Have you ever heard of #WriteClub? If you have, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen my number-filled tweets. I’m #StatsGuy. I keep the word count statistics for #WriteClub. If you want to know how many words the US managed to write during their 5th sprint on the night of August 16th, 2013… I can tell you (15,553 words, btw). Want to know how many words you wrote during #WriteClub in 2013? I can tell you.

Why in the world do I do this? To really answer this question, you have to know that there are two things I love basically more than anything else in this world. Sports… and stats. If you are like me, and also love sports and their associated statistics, you’ve heard of the Elias Sports Bureau. They are the official stats tracker of basically every single major sporting league in the United States, and…

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