Writing Tip Wednesday: Write By Hand.

I write most of my work on the computer, but I still like to write by hand occasionally. If I write a poem, I like to write the first draft by hand. There is something about the pen gliding across the page, it just seems much more personal. I also like to jot down ideas in notebooks; sometimes it’s just not practical to jump on the computer, so I grab a spare piece of paper and write the idea down. (If I’m out I’ll usually put the idea into my phone.)
Sometimes I’ll even write part of my novel by hand. I generally write during the day, but if something has happened and I’m not able to write in my normal time I’ll try and do it at night.Though I’m usually tired at night and the computer just makes me even more tired, so I’ll grab some paper and a pen and write it by hand instead. If I try to write on the computer when I’m tired I might be lucky to get 200 words out. When writing with pen and paper, I’ll get pages out. For me, the words seem to flow easier when I write by hand.
The other benefit to writing by hand is that you can edit as you type it up.

Also, for some writers, switching to hand when they are suffering from writers block helps them come unstuck.

So what about you? Do you write by hand at all? If you don’t maybe you should give it a try.


11 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: Write By Hand.

  1. Sometimes. It helps me at first draft stage – to just get it down without flicking to the thesaurus (or Twitter). It’s definitely a different process and can free my imagination and help the flow of words.

  2. I have a small moleskine by my bed to capture dreams and another in my purse for other ideas. I have a gorgeous leather journal with hand made, tree friendly paper that I write in with purple ink. It’s too big to carry around, but I commit a few pages every now and again. I’ve used a notebook or journal to map out one of my novels, draw maps, or sketch characters, not that I’m an artist. I just like to doodle 🙂
    Journalling isn’t a daily practice for me, but I just find my thoughts a bit freer on the computer. Ironic or not, the computer is where I do most of my writing.

    1. Some notebooks/journals are just absolutely gorgeous, aren’t they? I have one similar to the one you described. I mainly use the computer to write, my hands couldn’t take writing a whole novel, but when I’m tired writing by hand is the only way I can write anything productive.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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