A Writerly Update 27.

This week while my epic fantasy is still with the Beta Reader, I have continued on with Rift, reading through 6 more chapters. I’m reading through this draft, only doing a light edit because I think I might have to change it from first to third. It’s a big decision so I want to read through the whole thing first, maybe do a few chapters in third and see how I feel about it. It is currently written with a shared POV between the main female character and main male character and her voice is fine in first, but his doesn’t feel right. And there is a large cast of characters and sometimes when I was working on the re-write I wanted to slip into their heads and couldn’t.

As for my other projects:

For the urban fantasy I’m working on I added 1309 words to the first draft. It’s new so I haven’t reach 10,000 words yet.

For the fairy tale retelling I only managed to add 505 words.

I managed to add 1047 words to The Girl In The Mirror.

I wanted to write more but twice this week activities at my kids school seriously cut into my writing time. (I mainly write in the hours they are at school). They have just started school holidays for the Easter break so I probably won’t be able to write as much in the next two weeks with them being home constantly interrupting me.

How did your writing week go? Did you write as much as you would like?

2 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 27.

  1. This week has been a bust. I think I was burned out. In fact, except for a few hundred words on my YA Urban, the only writing I’ve done this month has been on my blog. Since I’m moving into rereading/editing/beat sheets, etc. with my two drafts (epic bk 2 and YA UF), I may not be “writing” much at all this month. We’ll see how things go. I’m actually itching to get back at the epic (bk 1) that’s out with betas at the moment. I also have a fairy tale retelling brewing in the brain pan, but I honestly think that adding another project at this time might lead to disaster 🙂

    1. I’m itching to get back into my epic fantasy that’s with the beta too 🙂 And editing is part of writing so it’s still counted as writing time. Good luck with your projects, hope you can get as much done as you want to.

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