A Writerly Update 29.

Hi Everyone!

I have survived another week of the school holidays and am happy to report I was more productive this week. The kids go back to school on Tuesday! *Happy dances* It will be so nice to get back into my regular routine again.

I’ve mainly been writing at night. I don’t like doing this very much because I’m tired at night.Because I was writing at night, I wrote by hand – I write more by hand at night than when I’m on the computer because sitting on the computer makes me more tired.
I pretty much have only been working on my urban fantasy. Because I was writing so much by hand I decided I’m just going to write the whole thing by hand in a notebook. The words have just been pouring out of me. The only downside of writing by hand is that I can’t report a word count. Hopefully I will type up the pages I have written soon and can report a word count then. I will be typing it up as I go along because the thought of typing up a full manuscript all at once makes my brain hurt.

I read over two more chapters of rift. I’m fairly certain now I will change it from first person to third. I’ll keep reading it over until I’m finished because I decided I want to write down an outline of what happens in each chapter to help me when I’m changing it to third. I started doing this already. I wish I had thought of it earlier so I didn’t have to go back over the chapters I have already read.

I also did a first draft of a short story I plan on publishing here on the blog. I haven’t posted a story in awhile so I can’t wait to share it with you.

That’s all from me, how was your writing week? I would love to hear from you.

Happy Writing 🙂

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