My Writer’s Voice Pitch Entry.

I was lucky enough to get picked for the Writer’s Voice pitch contest hosted by Brenda Drake. The following is my query and first 250 words for the judges to look at. Much thanks for taking the time to consider my entry.

Query for my YA epic fantasy:

The world is new and Earth is a playground for the fallen. The Prince of Darkness longs to rule all, and he is starting with Terrateaka. The exiled Princess Tabitha is his tool, and he gives her the dark power she will need to escape her prison and become queen.

The king’s daughter, Princess Odelia, dreams of the end. She must take a journey to find the Book of Prophecy her mother had written before she died and learn how to defeat the rising evil, for if she doesn’t, darkness will descend upon the Earth and destroy them all.

The battle for the world has begun, and the fate of the young Earth lies in the hands of one princess. Can she do whatever it takes to save her people?

The Calling is a young adult epic fantasy, complete at 108,000 words with series potential. Perfect for fans of Morgan Rhodes, Cinda Williams Chima and Juliet Marillier.

First 250 words:

Odelia dreamt a river of blood. She stood in the middle of it, the blood gushing over her feet and soaking her white robe to the knees, turning it a sickly red. She doubled over, gripping her stomach, crying out as a sharp, burning pain ripped through her. Blood oozed over her hands as she gasped for breath.
“You will die like your mother,” a woman’s voice snarled.
Odelia’s head shot up and she saw her Aunt Tabitha standing in the distance, a dagger dripping with fresh blood in her hand. The river flowed from a mountain of dead bodies behind her aunt, and atop them was the king. A strangled cry escaped Odelia’s lips, her eyes widening. Black feathers rained from the sky and Odelia tilted her head back to see a winged man hovering above the king, smirking down at her.
“We are coming,” he warned. “And your people will fall.”

The chamber filled with a thick haze. The Dark Prince emerged from within it, stepping up to the dreaming princess. He pressed his fingers against her forehead, reading her dream. He frowned; why were young females always chosen? Did He honestly think this one could defeat him when all others had failed?
Whispering furiously, the Dark Prince drew the dream from her mind. The princess lurched under his hand, her eyes fluttering open and rolling back into her head.
He removed his hand and she stilled, her eyes falling shut.
He slid back into the haze and vanished.

12 thoughts on “My Writer’s Voice Pitch Entry.

  1. Wow, that’s intense! That’s probably one of the most fantast fantasies I’ve seen in a while! Good luck!

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