YA Book Lover: A Short Story.

Megan came out of the book store with four books tucked under her arm and an empty wallet. She shouldn’t really have bought the last one. Okay, she really shouldn’t have bought more than one, but she couldn’t help it, there were just too many good books. Why did they always have to come out at the same time? It was so frustrating.
Her mum would be mad that she ‘wasted’ so much of her money on books. It was her money, money she worked hard for, and she could spend it how she wanted. What did it matter if the only thing she wanted to spend her money on was books?
Besides, she bought one of the books out of the birthday money her gran gave her yesterday. Seventeen. Finally. Only one more year and she would be free. She’d move into her own apartment and fill it with shelves, freeing her books from the boxes they were currently imprisoned in.
A small bark stopped her and she peered over her books to see a small, scraggly dog at her feet.
“Are you lost?” she asked it.
It barked, wagging its white, dirt-stained tail. It circled her feet before shooting down an ally and out of sight. Megan shrugged and kept walking. She had a bus to catch.
The mutt popped its head back out of the ally, barking incessantly.
Megan sighed and turned around. “What?”
It peered backwards. Did it want her to follow it? Down a dark ally? No way!
She knelt in front of it, to see if the tag had the owner’s number on it, but the collar didn’t have a tag. “Sorry, boy, I’ve got to get home.”
A cry came from deep within the ally. The voice low, strangled, laced with pain.
Megan bit her lip and glanced around to see if there was anyone else who could help. The street was practically empty.
She wanted to help, but what if it was a trap?
The dog barked again, nipping at her toes.
Her back stiffened. How did they know her name? She wanted to turn and flee, but something came over her; it was as if hands had grabbed her arms and were pulling her into the darkness.
She was brought to a stop in front of a hooded figure. She gulped, her heart thumping in her ears. The dog sat by her feet, his small tail wagging, tongue hanging out, unfazed by her dire situation. Stupid mutt! That’s the last time she’d ever stop for a dog.
The figure pulled back its hood and a stunning, and clearly otherworldly, boy stood before her. He looked to be about her age, had run-your-fingers-through-it dark hair and smouldering eyes, and a ghostly hue to his skin that had a blue tint to it.
“Megan, we need your help.”
The invisible hands released her and she took a cautious step back.
“My world is in trouble,” he told her. “And we need a girl with magic in her heart to help us.”
She clutched her books tighter, took another step back. “Me? Or, you know, would any girl do?”
His perfect eyebrows furrowed. “You hold the magic in your heart as surely as you hold it in your hands.”
“So any number of YA loving girls will do?”
“Megan, will you help us?”
“No, thank you.” She spun around and hurried out of the ally, not slowing until she made it to the bus stop. She may enjoy the fantasy and adventure in her books, but real life, actually dangerous adventure didn’t seem very appealing at all.
She sat on the bench and opened the book on top of the pile, happily falling into that world as she waited for the bus.

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