A Writerly Update 31.

Hi everyone, welcome to this week’s writerly update. It’s been a short story week for me this week. On Monday I got inspired to write a fantasy short story and sat down and wrote 14 A4 pages by hand. I’m really getting into this writing by hand thing. I wrote more of it on Tuesday and now just have the ending to go, which I have already planned out.

I also did a draft of a short story that I plan to enter in a competition at the end of the month. And I did a draft of a flash fiction piece I also plan on entering into the same competition. I’m allowed to enter one story in each category.

I added 5 and a bit pages to the urban fantasy I’m working on, back to handwriting now since I typed up all I had written last week.

I’m also pleased to announce I added just over 2000 words to The Girl In The Mirror. I hadn’t worked on this one in so long and I had been dying to. For those who don’t know this is the special ‘me project’, the one I’m writing just for me, no deadline, no pressure. I do still plan on getting it published, just not rushing it. It now has a total of 23,676 words.

That’s my writing week. Fairly productive, but I still wish I’d done a bit more. How about you? How was your week writing wise? I’d love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 31.

  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Well done. I find it hard flicking between projects but have been attempting to do it as I want to enter a short story comp in June and it’s only half written. I had a big week – worked like a mad thing tidying up my manuscript as I decided to get a structural edit on it and I needed to send it by last Friday. Won’t be much writing this week as I am spending an indulgent 4 days going to Sydney Writers Fest events! Will blog about it!

  2. I still write by hand, but there is one drawback, even though i’m youngish, i have athritis in my hand -so beware. I’m also having a crazy week with the Writers festival looks like the blogging world might be quite this week.

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