Writing Tip Wednesday: Surviving Nearly There.

Robin Lafevers, author of Grave Mercy, posted a great post on her blog on May 16th about surviving the nearly there stage.

She says, ‘One of the hardest stages of your writing journey—one that will take the most dedication, commitment, and self exploration—is the ‘nearly there’ stage. This is the stage where your critique partners love your work, you’re getting personalized rejections from agents or editors and highly complimentary reports from your beta readers, and yet . . . no sale or offer has materialized.’

She then goes on to say, ‘But the nearly there stage is a vital, absolutely critical part of our writerly development. In fact I know many agents and editors who would argue that this is exactly the stage that is missing from so many aspiring authors’ journeys and that lack has held them back. So I thought I’d share some thoughts on how to not only survive, but hopefully thrive during this stage.’

And that ‘It can be a gift, a chance to strengthen your writing and your voice so that when you do get published, you have a greater chance of being published well, rather than simply being published.

The critically important tasks of the nearly there stage are mastering the craft at an advanced level, enriching the depth and quality of your stories, and coming to terms with the relationship between you and writing.’

She says, ‘Improving doesn’t happen by accident. If you write a million words or invest 10,000 hours without the express intention of improving your craft and skill—and a plan for making that happen—you can easily end up no closer to your goal.’

She suggest you ‘dive into this stage. Embrace it. Revel in it. You are about to set out with the sole intention of becoming a writing craft GEEK.’

She then list a whole lot of tips to help you through this stage, which you can check out here.

Happy Writing 🙂


6 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: Surviving Nearly There.

  1. But we have to define where “There” is…lol >_< I am always in the stage of being "nearly" at somewhere, and I agree, it's so, so hard! You can taste it and see it, but not quite touch it. x) Very encouraging words!

    1. Once I read it I just had to share it! I think nearly there is hard to define, you may not even know you’re ‘nearly there’ until after you’re already there! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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