A Writerly Update 36.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry this is a day late, but I was writing into the night last night and this post slipped my mind.

As I’ve told you, I am participating in the 50k in 30 days challenge organised by the Romance Writers Of Australia. Writing 50k in 30 days is so much harder than I thought it would be. My respect for people who complete NaNo has tripled. You are all awesome. Life decided to get crazy, so I haven’t been able to write as much as I would like.

Here’s what my writing week looked like last week –

The 17th – no words. This is really bad when you are competing in a 50k in 30 day challenge.
The 18th – 202 words. Not so good, but better than the day before.
The 19th – 1,928 words. Much better. If only I could have kept this up.
The 20th – 75 words. 0.o what? But I did get a review out, but I don’t count those words toward my 50k.
The 21st – I was editing a short story because it was due the next day, so no official words, but a very productive editing day 🙂
The 22nd – 2707 words. Needed a lot more days like this.

So overall it was worse than my normal writing week and I’m suppose to be writing MORE than my normal writing week. Sigh.

For the challenge I have written 22,961 words out of 50,000. Nowhere near as much as I would like. I am still going to try and make it though. Crazy, maybe, but I don’t like to lose. Anything less than 40,000 and I’ll feel like a failure.

I have been working mainly on my Middle Grade novel. I also wrote a bit of The Girl In The Mirror. And I edited and sent a short story away.

That’s it from me. I’m going to attempt to write 3,500 words everyday for the next seven days. Fingers crossed.

How about you? How was your writing week? I love hearing from you, so don’t be shy.

6 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 36.

  1. Good on you! What a challenge! I am hoping to do NaNoWriMo this year and am a bit scared!!
    Not many new words from me this week as I’ve been working on my book pitch, but hoping to get a couple more chapters down for my kids novel.

    Good luck with the 3500 words per day….you can do it – who needs sleep anyway?

    1. Good luck with NaNo, 50k is harder than I thought! My only advice is to make sure you write everyday because I had a few days were I didn’t write and you can slip behind so easily.

      And thanks, I’m really hoping I can do it. Things are looking good at the moment.

  2. When I set out on NaNo last year, I had until the 19th off. I had my outline ready. I did the math and knew that I’d have to write 2667 (rounded up, ’cause, hey) words a day. I also knew that I’d be back at the day job for the last ten days of the month. So I front-loaded.
    Aiming for 3500 words a day is doable. You just have to be comfortable leaving most of the rest of your life go for a bit. Your partner just has to agree to a larger honey do list than usual.
    Recruit a team. Tell them how important this is and let them help you.
    Planning helps. Budget for take out and freeze a few casseroles ahead of time. Pay for a sitter, or recruit Grandma for a few days. Have the kidlets to herself? Grandmas love that shit. Seriously. You can get your family and your friends on side. They might even have a few fabulous ideas to help you out too.
    Meeting that goal and having a workable draft for a WIP is AMAZING. It makes you feel like Wonderwoman.
    And, of course, you have all of us cheering you on.
    Need a boost? Reach out on social media. RWA must have a hashtag for the challenge. Do they send you out inspirational posts once you’ve registered?
    I’m going a little silly here. Just got back from a writing conference and learned that one of my stories has made it into an anthology, so I’m all writing chuffed.
    Break a pencil, Rochelle! You can do it.

    1. The RWA is great. The 50k in 30 day community is awesome and have been cheering me on. They run sprints basically all the time on their facebook group – there are 55 of us doing the challenge so if anyone is writing they host a sprint. Doing the sprints with others have really helped.
      I am determined so yes, life is going on hold. Thanks for the advice. And congratulations on your story, that’s great news!

  3. Keep it up! I know you can do it. 🙂 Even if you don’t write a couple of days, it really only brings the daily total that you have to write up by a tiny fraction, so you’re still very much in this!

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