A Writerly Update 37.

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been writing like crazy this week in order to complete the 50k in 30 day challenge I am doing through the Romance Writers Of Australia.

On Monday I wrote 4,268 words.
On Tuesday I wrote 3,263 words.
On Wednesday I wrote 1,195 words.
On Thursday I wrote 2,028 words.
On Friday I wrote 4,328 words.
On Saturday I wrote 2,732 words and finally passed 40k!
And today I wrote 5,115 words.

Bringing my total to 45,890/50,000 with one day to go. I am fairly certain that I am going to make it.

And after such big numbers all week, and staying up late to get those numbers, I am exhausted. What I love though is that now I know I can do 50k in 30 days.

I worked on a short story, my urban fantasy and my middle grade. I also added 3,539 words to The Girl In The Mirror. bringing it to just over 32,000 words. It is coming along slow but steady.

That’s it from me. How did your writing week go? I’d love to hear from you.


8 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 37.

  1. Nice one! I think my max was 5K in one day and I was dancing by the end of it I was so happy. Kids are on holidays. How on earth am I to get anything done without feeling guilty :S

    1. Thanks! I’ve only done 5k one other time, all in a row with out a break so I was too exhausted to dance. Without the motivation of the 50k challenge I wouldn’t have pushed myself.

      I have the kids home for the holidays too and it makes things so much harder.

  2. Woot! Those are impressive figures! And 5K a day is awesome and amazing. You totally deserve chocolate after that effort, right?!
    I haven’t been writing much myself. Just editing, which has been brain exhausting because it’s all about picking up details and I’m SO not a detail person. Hence there are a lot of mistakes! 😉

    1. I need to get back into editing. I’m not much of a detail person either, which is probably why is takes me a crazy amount of drafts to get it my work to a point where it actually reads well and isn’t too embarrassing to show people.

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