A Writerly Update 40.

Hi Everyone,

The good news is that the kids were back at school this week. The bad news is that I didn’t get much writing done. Not from lack of time. I was going well the first few days. I wrote, edited and sent a short story away to an anthology that was about to close submissions. I just heard about it and really wanted to be in it, so I worked extremely hard and got a 2k story out, edited it and sent it just in the nick of time. It was a story I actually really love and I think holds real promise, so fingers crossed.
It kind of went down hill from there though. With my new routine I can write 2000 words a day, that is if I’m not using my time for editing. I had this idea for a novella that has been simmering for a while, so I decided to start it. I figured I could get 10,000 words out this week. Right now that novella is sitting at approximately 1,800 words.
I am very frustrated with it. I think it’s a really solid idea, and I have the overall plot worked out, it’s just that when I started writing it, it wasn’t coming out the way I had it in my head. I started writing it, scraped what I had because it wasn’t feeling right, wrote a new beginning, scraped that one too. I am up to my third try and it’s close to how I want it, but something still doesn’t feel exactly right.
I am trying to remember that first drafts don’t have to be perfect. I like to write my books from beginning to end and I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot. Beginnings haven’t troubled me this much in the past.
I might jump a head a bit and leave the beginning for later. Maybe it just means I’m starting the story in the wrong spot? I’ll work it out.
The most important thing to do when you get stuck, is not give up. Successful writers are those who don’t give up when there’s a bump in the road. I’ve had many bumps and not given up yet.

That’s it from me. How did you go writing wise this week?


8 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 40.

  1. You’ll have to keep us posted about your submission. 🙂
    And I hope you figure out your novella. I know the feeling when the idea is good, but it’s just not working.
    I’m in the middle of Camp NaNo. It’s going all right. I’ve actually written 1k+ words on some days, which is something that hasn’t happened for a really long time.
    Yeah, so, I hope next week is better for you. 🙂

  2. Rochelle, one of the best ppieces of advice I ever received was to “write through” your first draft. Revising is for when you have the draft finished. I find that if I try to revise while I’m drafting, I’m too close to the work, just having written it to do a good job. If you must, make a few notes about your opening, what it’s missing, what you want it to feel like, etc. Then move on. You’ll be in the middle of chapter 5, or 7 and suddenly it will hit you what you need to do or how you can change it. Write these inspirations in a separate document, because in the middle of chapter 12 you have another, even better idea.
    Some bits need to marinate, or stew, or percolate (or any number of other food-related metaphors) to get tasty. Beginnings are hard. Give them time to ripen 🙂
    Best for the new idea and for the short story.

    1. I know I should, I usually do, but then again with my other projects my first drafts flew out without a hitch, this is the first one really causing me problems. But I think I will skip a head a bit and see if that works. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Good luck with your submission! I hope it gets into the anthology 🙂

    I think maybe letting the novella simmer for a while might be a good idea. Getting the right start to a story is the most important part, so I think to let it knock around in your head is probably the best thing to do. I think writing inspiration always comes at the weirdest of times!

    As for me, I wrote 22,000 words in a week. I have never written anything so fast in my life before, but my current novel just has its claws in me and won’t let me go!

    1. Thanks!
      And WOW that is impressive! It’s great when the writing just flows. Good luck with the rest of it, at this rate you’ll have the draft done in no time!

  4. I feel like I haven’t written in ages…because I, er, haven’t. >-< I feel bad! But I'm planning to start again real soon! I'm a little worried though, because I've thought and thought and thought about this book I want to write and I'm concerned when I start it won't come out as epically as I have in mind. STILL. I hope you get past this bit of writers block real soon.

    1. I hope you do get back to writing soon. I know exactly how you feel, that’s what is happening with the novella at the moment, it plays perfect in my head, it’s just not translating very well. Good luck with it, hope it comes out easy for yoy, just how you imagined it.

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