A Writerly Update 41.

This week’s update is going to be short and sweet. I only worked on my novella this week and wrote 7000 words. I am really happy with what I’ve written so far. I plotted it out first, which I don’t usually do, and am finding it is easier to write because I don’t have to think about what to write next since I’ve already worked it out. I can see why some people like to plot first.
The novella is an urban fantasy and is very, very loosely based on a fairytale. I’m having trouble coming up with a title for it though. I’m usually really great with titles, and a title is one of the first things I’ll come up with when working on a new idea. I don’t like working without a title. All of my full length novels have had a title before I started writing them. Hopefully by the time I get to the end of the first draft I will have the title sorted.

That’s it from me, what about you? How was your writing week?


4 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 41.

  1. Pretty good week, I have wrote quite a bit on one of my stories. The more writing I do the more ideas I come up with. My story is about a woman who is kidnapped after a road accident and is locked away in the driver’s attic. I need to get in character so I think my husband needs to lock me in our attic with my laptop!! Lol

  2. Glad you’re back on track and feeling good about it.
    Funny how that plotting thing works, isn’t it? I’m a pantser myself, but usually plot after the first draft. The couple of projects that I’ve had mapped out ahead of time have had different results. The YA UF I wrote for last year’s NaNo went really quickly because I had everything more or less in place.
    The MG fantasy I’m working on now still has it’s own mind, so to speak, and I’m just writing through. Mind you I’m doing that while I’m working, so the progress isn’t so marked. I might make as much progress in a month as you make in a week.

    1. I’m not sure if I’m a converted plotter, I don’t think I could plot out a whole novel before I started writing it, but it worked well for the novella.
      And don’t worry if you only make as much progress in a month as I make in a week, you’ve got to do what you can do and try not to worry too much. It’s hard balancing work and writing.

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