Book Delights (3)

Book Delights is a feature on my blog where I share with you all the books I purchased/received in the previous month. I was on a self imposed book buying ban in July and am pleased to announce that I made it through twenty nine days without buying a book. I cracked and bought one book, but there was only two days of the month to go so I think I did extremely well.
Although I was on a book buying ban, I still got a fair amount of books.

I’ll start with the eARCs thanks to Random House Australia and Bookouture:


Are You Seeing Me?

Physical ARCs/Review copies thanks to Walker Books Australia and Text Publishing:

The Jewel.
The Realm Of Possibility.
The House OF Puzzles.

Books I won thanks to YA Madness, Speculating On Specfic and Juliet Madison:
Shadow and Bone.
Siege and Storm.
Ruin and Rising.
The Inevitability Of Stars.
Plus some awesome swag from Juliet madison.
I also won an ecopy of The January Wish from Juliet Madison.

The January Wish

I also won the Game Of Thrones box set thanks to High Fantasy Addict/Bookworld:
Game Of Thrones.

I purchased:

Crown of Midnight.

I also downloaded the Kindle app on my Tablet so I can read my netgalley ARCs, and I went a bit crazy and downloaded a heap of free books from Amazon. I know I was on a book buying ban but these don’t count because I technically didn’t buy them:
(Links to Amazon)

Shadows Of The Realm. (No longer free.)
The YA readers little black book.
Bound By Prophecy.
The Shadow Prince.
Red At Night.
Smitten Lovebites: The Great Divide.
Smitten Lovebites: Well, this is awkward.
Smitten Lovebites: The One You Didn’t Choose.

In July I read 10 books and 3 short stories. (Links to reviews where available.)
Essence – 4 stars.
Thornwood House – 5 stars.
The Rose Master – 3 stars.
Take Back The Skies – 2 stars.
Broken – 4 stars.
Alexander Altmann A10567 – 5 stars.
More Than This – 5 stars.
Shimmer – 5 stars.
The Shadowhunter’s Codex – 4 stars.
The wedding season – review to come soon.
Smitten Lovebites: Well, This Is Awkward – Review to come soon.
Smitten Lovebites: The One You Didn’t Choose. – Review to come soon.
Smitten Lovebites: The Great Divide. – Review to come soon.

That’s all from me. I’ve decided that I am going to do this post fortnightly from now on so I’ll try and post on the 1st and 15th of each month. Did you get any books last month that you are excited about?

4 thoughts on “Book Delights (3)

  1. Wow — seriously NICE stack of books you have here! I hope you enjoy the A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series. I really loved reading them (even though they did take me quite some time to get through haha!). Also CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is great. And hey, you’re book ban lasted longer than mine did… I think I lasted maybe fourteen days, max? I’ve decided that book bans are just NOT good for me. 😉 Anyway, awesome post.

    1. Thank you! I was sure I wasn’t going to last as long as I did, it probably helped that I downloaded all those free books 🙂
      I am so excited for the A Song Of Fire And Ice series, I know they are going to take me forever though, they are all bricks.
      And I can’t wait to read Crown Of Midnight, thought I better hurry up and read it since Heir Of Fire will be out soon.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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