A Writerly Update 43.

Hi Everyone,

Just as I got back into the swing of writing, life decided to get hectic for a few days. I didn’t get to write for four days 😦 Though on one of those four days I did send a short story away, one that got rejected recently from an anthology because it didn’t fit but which the editor said was strong. The best thing about sending a short story out that has been rejected is that it doesn’t take long to send because all the work has been done.
On another one of my non writing days I attended an online conference with the Romance Writers of Australia, which I’m going to count as a writing day since I was using the time to improve my craft.

On the days I did get to write, I worked a bit more on my novella and my paranormal romance. I also worked on something special for my blog which I can’t wait to reveal. I need to do a bit more on it, but in essence I plan on posting a short story every week. I always planned to use my blog to showcase my writing, but I’ve ended up focusing more on book reviews, which I love, but I think it’s time I put more of my writing on my blog. I plan on making Saturday short story day, but I want to have a few ready to go before I publish the first one in case I get busy.

That’s all from me. This coming week, besides Monday, is clear so I should be able to dive back into my regular writing routine. (Thank goodness!)

How about you? How was your writing week? I love hearing from you so don’t be shy.


10 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 43.

  1. My writing week has been somewhat slow. On the good side, I did finish a draft I’ve been working on for weeks. It’s a short story I’m working on for a Twitter friend. It’s been on a wild ride, and so have I getting this job done. The bad side is that I don’t have a way to give this to him. I don’t have a computer to type up the final version. I’m not panicking, but I wish I had a blog to present my story to the masses.

    I have another short story planned, but it’s still in the drafting stage. I need to interview my MC to learn her quirks and personalities, and I don’t yet know her story to tell. Hopefully, now that I’ve finished this latest project, I can focus on this story.

    1. Congratulations on finishing your story. Does your local library have a computer available for public use?

      Interviewing your MC is a great way to get know her. Good luck with the new short story.

  2. This week, I have been reaching my goal of writing something each day. Interesting idea to showcase your work on your blog. I considered this but opted against so that I could offer “first publishing” permissions when I sub. How did you come to the decision to publish work here?

    1. I won’t post anything that I want to put out on submission, because yes, then it is considered published. But I wanted to put my writing on my blog as marketing, to build an audience, so I came up with a story that I’m happy to be exclusive to my blog. (though no less in quality than my other stories) I will actually be putting up a series of linked stories, which will probably be book length by the end. I think of it as being like a self published writer who makes their first book free, or publishes it on Wattpad. So if you wanted to put your writing up on your blog, I would suggest thinking up a story that your are happy to be an exclusive to your blog and not one you are thinking of submitting. A lot of writers put their stories on there blog to build an audience for when they do get published, which is why I want to start. Hope that makes sense.

  3. That great – can’t wait to read some of your stories. I love stories that are a little strange! I haven’t had a great writing week or month. I am redrafting after a manuscript assessment and I thought it wouldn’t take too long but I’m a few weeks in and I am only 12000 words into the re-draft. Feel like I’m not creating anything at the moment so I am going to take a couple of days off the MS and do a few chapters of my other book, and do some work on a short story that is half formed on Thursday and Friday.

    1. Thanks!
      When I’m doing a lot of editing I like to take a break and write something because I miss creating something new.
      Good luck with the redraft, and your other story and your short story.

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