Writing Tip Wednesday: Plot As You Go.

I like to think of myself as a pantser, but even so I do plot a little. When I get an idea, before I start writing I will usually know how it begins, how it ends and a few scenes in the middle. I will type the idea up and then start to write. And as I write, I also plot. It is a great tip I learnt a few years back. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I read it, I wish I did.

Basically plot as you go works like this:

You write what you want for the day, making sure you stop in the middle of a scene. (okay, so I don’t always finish in the middle of a scene, but it really is helpful if you do.) You then write a quick note about what you will write next session.

When you next sit down at your computer (or note book if you write by hand) you will know exactly what you are going to write and can dive back in without having to worry about what you are going to write. 

It’s the best of both worlds. You still get the excitement of discovering the story as you go, like the pantser craves, and you get the planning that makes the plotter able to write quickly.

Plotting a book out before you write it just doesn’t appeal to me, I like to jump straight into the shiny new idea. But plotting it out one step at time works perfect for me. Maybe if you’re a pantser, plotting as you go might work for you too.

Happy Writing:)


8 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: Plot As You Go.

      1. Same here. I write when I have access to tap into the flow of creativity. On personal projects no real deadlines…paid work that’s another story

  1. That’s actually a really great tip! I love the idea of being a pantser and one of the reasons why I’m not is because I forget what I’m writing and find it difficult to get back into the story.

  2. Really interesting post, Rochelle! And certainly an interesting technique to try out some time- I don’t know that I have a fully set out style for my writing, or routine, but I do notice that a lot I write a full scene and think “yup I’ll do this next tomorrow” and then BAM I have forgotten. It’s not all that great, but hopefully the new ideas are better than the old ones! (:

    1. It can take a while, and a few manuscripts, to really figure out your style and routine. I didn’t always plot as I went, I was more like you, but when I read the tip I started using it and never looked back.

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