The Amberly Chronicles: Episode One: 9009

Hi everyone, the following is the first part of a story I plan to share with you each week. It’s still in early conception and I’m not one hundred percent sure of what I’m going to call it yet, so for now I’m going with 9009. You’ll see why by the end. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Edit: I have decided to call this serial ‘The Amberly Chronicles’.

9009. Episode One.

I’m standing in a…room. It is empty. A grey mist swirls around me, in the distance. Where am I? How did I get here? Something is terribly wrong. I shouldn’t be here. I should be…I don’t know where I should be. My head feels heavy, like the grey mist surrounding me is clouding up my brain.
A chill runs up my spine, my stomach plummets. Where am I? How did I get here? The words dance in my head, spinning in circles, making me dizzy.
Where am I? How did I get here?
It’s hard to remember anything.
I step forward. Hit a wall. The mist isn’t mist at all. I reach up and place my hand on it. It is hard. Cold. Feels like plastic. The grey mist swirls inside it. I place my other hand on it and push.
I push again.
And again.
Then I’m banging my fist against it. “Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?”
I glide my hands along the wall, pushing. I move to the next wall, pushing against every inch I can reach, moving to the next and the next until I have pushed against each one.
No windows.
No seams.
No secret doors.
I’m trapped in a box.
How the hell did I get here?
I try to think back…I still can’t remember anything.
Am I dead?
Am I in hell?
My heart is pounding in my ears so I can’t be dead, right?
A lump forms in my throat, it’s getting hard to breathe. I sink back against the wall and slide to the floor.
If I’m not dead then I’ve been put in here. Someone has trapped me. Either they will leave me to die or they will come for me.
I’m not sure which one I am more scared of.
I push against the floor. Maybe there is a trap door. I crawl the length of it, feeling with my fingers. Nothing.
I lay on my back. My heart is too loud, the air is too thin. I feel like I’m going to be sick.
This better be a dream.
A horrible nightmare.
I better open my eyes and wake up soon.
Wait. There. I lift my head, narrowing my eyes. Yes. A square the size of a man hole. It’s barely visible but I’ve always had good eyes.
Hope is the thing making my heart race now. I jump. I know I won’t reach it, the roof looming a whole body length above me. I don’t.
I take off my shoe. Throw it.
It plummets to the ground, missing the square by an arm’s length. I try again. And again.
I try twenty more times and finally hit the square.
Nothing happens.
No. Nonononononono. Tears blur my vision. No. I need to get out of here.
I throw my shoe again. Nothing.
I try climbing the wall but there is nothing to hold onto. I jump, my feet hit the wall, slide off. I sink to the ground, tuck my legs up to my chin and hug them.
Please, God, please, help me out of here.
A low hiss fills my ears and then my eyes feel heavy. I collapse onto my side, darkness closing over me.


-Computer on.
Welcome Doctor Psknah Tarah Soun.
-Computer, start a new file.
New file opened.
-Earth date is June twenty fifth, twenty twenty five.
-Time twenty two hundred hours.
-Computer, give the test subject an ID.
Test subject ID Number: 9870-631-9009
-Computer save.
File 9870-631-9009 saved.
-First Observations:
Gender is female. Seventeen years old. Earth origin, Australasia region. Characteristics include: long hair, dark blonde in colour; brown eyes; pale skin; slim, but not underweight. Intelligence to be verified. Full health to be verified.
Current status: stage one: Isolation chamber.
-Computer, engage mind translation.
Mind translation engaged. Thought data collected in the background and automatically saved to file every three minutes.
-9009 looks dazed and confused. She stands in the middle of the chamber. She examines her surroundings.
-Memory has not returned. This is conclusive with other test subjects, expect memory to return by stage two.
-Shows belief in a higher being. Specifically God. This is conclusive with other test subjects.
-9009’s fear level 9 of 10, distress level 9 of 10. Range levels normal for stage one.
-9009 searches for a way out of isolation chamber.
-9009 shows much spirit in attempt to free herself. Minimum of average intelligence verified.
-Computer, engage the sleeper.
Sleeper engaged.
-Computer, full body scan.
Scan initiated.
-Computer, blood analysis.
Blood analysis initiated.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Body scan complete. Blood analysis complete.
All results negative, optimal health established.

-Computer, save results.
Results saved.
-Computer, save all data and end session.
Data saved. Session ended. Session time 00:30.

©Rochelle Sharpe 2014.


18 thoughts on “The Amberly Chronicles: Episode One: 9009

  1. Love it!! The start is v good – that awful feeling of being confined mixed with a room having no windows, seams, doors etc. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

  2. Really interesting, I want to know more! Thanks for sharing Rochelle, it’s a great idea to post some stories, keeps the creative juices flowing and helps having a deadline each week. Looking forward to reading more. Lisa 🙂

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